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A Guide on Caring for Your Pit Bull

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Pit Bulls are a very athletic and healthy breed of dogs. They are comparatively easier to care for than some other popular breeds out there. If you’re someone who owns a Pit Bull or planning on buying or adopting one, this guide will make caring for your Pit Bull much easier.

A Guide on Caring for Your Pit Bull


A Pit Bull’s large and athletic body requires a high quality diet. If you’re going for raw food, which is the best choice, make sure that you include meat, bones, eggs and yogurt to the daily diet.

Also add healthy fruits for dogs and vegetables that are healthy for dogs to their meals. When it comes to dog food, dry kibble is highly recommended.

Note: Practice caution when you shop for dog food by doing the required research.

You should feed Pit Bull puppies three times a day. One to two meals are suitable for Pit Bulls over the age of 12 months. Make sure that you don’t over-feed your dog. The ideal about varies according to their size and activity level. Find out more about Pit Bull feeding basics here.


According to the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), Pit Bulls hold an average grade of 86.8%. That makes them one of the five most stable breeds of dogs in the United States. Pit Bulls naturally love human attention and interaction. They are very loyal and caring. They are also highly intelligent, making it easy to train them.

Pit Bulls are full of energy. Therefore, it’s important to make it clear that you are the dominant one in your household. Your training method should always be fun and positive. Never lose the confidence and trust of your Pit Bull by using abusive and negative training methods. Make sure that you use a lot of praise and reward your Pit Bull whenever he or she does well. Mistakes happen, so handle those situations smartly with a lot of patience.

A Guide on Caring for Your Pit Bull


On average, Pit Bulls have a life expectancy of  between 10-15 years. They are more vulnerable to disease such as Hip Dysplasia, heart disease and Cataracts. Read more about common Pit Bull health issues here.

Pit Bulls have smooth and shiny coats so they shed very little and you won’t need to spend much time on grooming. Regular brushing is all you’re going to need! Find out more about maintaining your Pit Bull’s coat in this article.

Being naturally energetic and active, Pit Bulls require a lot of exercise. They need at least 20 minutes of high intensity activity to keep them happy and healthy. If you exercise your Pit Bull well, it will be very easy to handle him/her.

Bored Pit Bulls, especially puppies can cause a lot of chaos with their pent up energy. So it’s a must to give them their daily dose of exercise.

Checklists for Caring for Your Pit Bull

We have broken down caring for your Pit Bull into daily, weekly & monthly and long-term checklists. Use them to keep you on track and to make sure that your Pit Bull receives the best care.

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