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Chris Evans tweeted a video of when he met his rescue dog for this “National Pet Day”

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Hollywood actor Chris Evans is more than just a hero on the big screen.  “Captain America” also played hero a real life hero when he adopted Dodger – his adorable rescue dog.

On last Wednesday ― National Pet Day ― Evans shared a video of when he and Dodger first met. Evans had shared a lot of tweets, pictures, GIFs and videos of him and Dodger before, but this video was obviously something special, since he posted it only now.

Chris Evan’s Twitter

The video’s caption read:

“This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out. I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!! #NationalPetDay”

Evans met Dodger when he was filming his movie “Gifted”, because the movie needed a canine co-star alongside Evans.

“One of the last scenes we were filming was in a pound, a kennel. I foolishly walked in and I thought, ‘Are these actor dogs or are these real up for adoption dogs?’ And sure enough they were, so I was walking up and down the aisles and saw this one dude and he didn’t belong there. I snagged him and he’s such a good dog. They aged him at about one, he acts like a puppy, he’s got the energy of a puppy, he’s just such a sweetheart, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he’s full of love.”

Here are some of the other stories the two Hollywood co-stars have shared since they first met:

Nov 8, 2017: This is Dodger’s stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press its paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in.”

Aug 25, 2017: “The dangers of playing with your food. One more week. Also yes, I was watching Kindergarten Cop.”

Jul 15, 2017: “’Excuse me, are u busy? Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? Or perhaps u could toss the frisbee? I have no plans today’”

Evans returns on the big screen as Captain American on April 27 in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Dogs Love Us More