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Dog Abandoned with Layers of Electrical Tape Wrapped Around its Mouth

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Montgomery County officials in Texas are investigating an incident involving a dog abandoned with electrical wrapped around its mouth. The tape had been left there so long, that there are permanent, severe injuries to the dog’s face and infections. The dog’s mouth was forced shut with the tape, preventing it from drinking or eating. Justice, the girl dog found on the side of the road, was placed in an S.A.F.E. shelter, in hopes of recovering the dog from her traumatic injuries.

Dog abuse is real around the nation, and thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned, left without care in their backyards or even literally thrown into the street. Dogs are euthanized at an insane rate, giving them no hopes of life after abandonment. As well, many are deemed as “aggressive” and euthanized within a day or two of being found.

The wounds left by the electrical tape around the dog’s mouth were probably some of the tactics used by a neglectful owner to shut the dog up or torture them. Behavior like this to any animal or human only signifies what the person is capable of doing. People that can hurt harmless animals or others should be accounted for by their actions and be held responsible to the highest degree of punishment.

During the summer, be more aware of dogs left outside for more than a couple of hours, wandering dogs in the street, and the filling shelters. When the animal housing fills, there may be a breeding issue or a stray who continuously has a new litter.

Staying active in the community and caring for all animals and people in it creates a safe place for all involved. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately.


Dogs Love Us More