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Tips to rescue a Stray Dog

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Adopting a stray dog can be a blessing, especially if you haven’t had dogs before, but at the same time is a challenge. If you don’t know how to properly handle a Dog this is the perfect article for you:

Evaluate the situation: consider Dogs and personal safety before approaching. You should expect a bit of shyness from a stray dog as they may not have had human contact before or, in some regrettable cases, have been mistreated. Gain his confidence and come closer little by little, better yet, give him some treat or serve him water to familiarize himself with you. It may not be a simple task, but getting her to trust you can be very rewarding.

Puppy Steps: Gain his confidence and come closer little by little, better yet, give him some treat or water. It may not be a simple task, but getting his trust will be very rewarding.

If it’s very nervous or aggressive, you may need professional support to get closer. Remember that in many cases they’re dogs that haven’t received adequate socialization and, possibly, don’ have their vaccinations up to date. Endanger your health is not necessary, rely on professionals if it’s needed.

Change your game: The best strategy to get the attention of a stray dog is to act disinterested and casual. Insistence and determination will alarm him, however, if you simply sit close without calling or attracting him in any way, the dog will end up feeling curious and sniffing his way to you.

If it has a tag: Possibly escaped accidentally and it is are a few blocks from home. Check if there’s a phone number and contact the owners. Meet with them and watch their and Dogs reaction when they meet again. If you notice something strange do not hesitate to offer them help with the dogs care. Also, offer to visit them soon to check out on him.

Take it to a vet or shelter: It’s not only vital to check if he has a microchip and is wanted by its owners but to evaluate its general health condition before making any decision on pursuing an adoption process. Consider that it might be a pet loved by its owners who yearn to see him return home. Don’t become attached too quickly.

Wait a few days: On the other hand, keep in mind that his health might be compromised and requiring care and treatment before he can share with your family and pets. Luckily in most cases, they only thing required is a couple of rounds of vaccines and grooming.

In case you can adopt it, once you take it home wait 3 days for the vaccines to take effect and follow the veterinarian’s recommendations before presenting it to your other dogs in case you  have them

Finally, I congratulate you for rescuing a stray dog. In time you’ll see that they also, in a certain way, rescue us.

Dogs Love Us More