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Dog’s Name and Age: Beau (Beauregard), 7 years

Nicknames: Bobo, Puppy boy, Beau-Oh

Adoption Story: We visited an outdoor adoption event just to see–no intention of getting a pup. My wife said, “Look at that one!” and we were gone. After adopting him, we wanted a Louisiana-sounding name, since his breed (Catahoula Leopard Dog) is native to the state, hence, Beauregard.

Beau loves meeting new people. He’ll plow into a small group of people, wagging like mad, assuming they are all there for him.

Besides his unique leopard coat, there is his general life-loving outlook, and his hilarious sense of privilege. After breakfast he will commandingly bark at us for playtime, or sometimes he barks upside down to get a belly rub. Will smack the water dish if the level is too low. Sleeps in incredibly contorted positions (like right now!). And his “never met a human I didn’t want to kiss”  attitude.

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Dogs Love Us More
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