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Giving Thailand’s Disabled Dogs A Second Chance at Life

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The Man That Rescues Dogs foundation’s mission is to see a happy and harmonious relationship between people and dogs in Thailand. The foundation was started in 2011 by Michael J. Baines, a Swedish entrepreneur who moved to Thailand to open a restaurant. Baines saw many stray dogs on the street that were unwell, sick, or injured. He pitched in where he could by taking injured dogs to the local veterinarian office and offering food and treats. Shortly after that, Baines decided to create a rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming sanctuary to take on even more animals. 

“The Sanctuary was opened in 2017 and houses 600 rescued dogs and monitors and feeds a further 350 within the Bangsaen and Sriracha area. The Sanctuary includes a full-service clinic, a care center for disabled dogs, a sterile quarantine section for new rescues and dogs with serious diseases, a specialized distemper unit, three swimming pools for water therapy and exercise, and five main shelters, each with a wide array of fun obstacles for play and shade.” –The Man That Rescues Dogs foundation

In 2019, The Man That Rescues Dogs foundation opened its clinic with two onsite veterinarians to provide care for The Sanctuary dogs and provide services free of charge care for other pets in the area. The local government also supports the foundation, with particular help and partnership from the Mayor of Saensuk.

“Without a doubt, it’s giving the sick, neglected, abused street dogs of Thailand the second chance that they deserve. When you see a paralyzed dog in their wheelchair for the first time, running free and smiling, that’s right up there as one of the best parts of the process,” Baines said in an interview with Bored Panda

Donations fund The Man That Rescues Dogs, and it takes the shelter more than $1,350 every day to operate. Follow them on Facebook, and donate to the foundation at their website

Disabled dogs run freely in Thailand with help from wheels from Reuters News Agency on Vimeo.

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Dogs Love Us More
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