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Unique Girl Dog Names

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Choosing a name for your dog is hard! Looking for names is easy, it’s all about what you like and if you like the way it sounds when you say it. I’ve researched a small list of unique dog girl names to help you make your decision.

Pixie, I picked this name because it’s cute and easy to say; whenever I hear this, I immediately think of pixie dust or glitter. Pixie would go perfectly with a small dog, or for one with a bright personality. Pixie is a very cool, spunky name that is an ideal pick any girl dog.

Cleopatra, this name is a historical reference to the Great Cleopatra of Egypt. She was remembered for her beauty and alluring personality. Giving your girl dog this name requires a big personality to go with it; A dog that carries the name Cleopatra is likely in charge, outspoken, and majestic.

Venus, this name is another historical reference to an Italian Goddess, identified by the Romans as the Goddess of love and beauty. The name Venus carries an excellent reputation with it. A girl dog with this name shows the beauty and great stature.

Clover, a name symbolic of the leafy, green, plant that usually has three petals, but is famously known for the four-leaf clover, a good luck charm. This name is unique and different from many others you’ve heard and can have an exceptional meaning behind it.

Toto is a famous dog from the movie Wizard of Oz who follows their owner Dorothy into the land of Oz after a terrible storm. Toto stays devoted to their owner and eventually helps her find her way back home.

All of these girl dog names are unique in their way, none being better than the other. Naming your dog is easier once you get an idea of what you like.

Dogs Love Us More