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Moondai Furbutts: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

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The first week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and we here at PWB REALLY appreciate our animal shelters!!

So let’s talk about our wonderful shelters:

But first, here is a gentle reminder of how we do things:

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We’s a happy gang…


Did you know that 63 percent of modern American households include pets? That’s an estimated 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats in homes across the United States. Now, did you know that less than one third of those pets were adopted from a shelter or rescue? An April 2017 survey by Pet Finder and American Humane Society found that there are approximately 5,000 animal shelters and rescues across the United States, all available to serve the nearly 7 million homeless animals that seek refuge from the outside world each year. Unfortunately, less than half of the loving animals found in those places will be adopted and, while the benefits of adopting a shelter pet are well documented, of the 63 percent of American households that include pets, most are purchased through breeders and pet stores.

So gud to be rescued!! (Lub da tatoos)
Nawt jus’ pooties an’ woozles waiting for dere fur-ever home!

Shelters all over the USA is celebrating! From:…

Animal shelter appreciation week shines light on local shelter pets

(KCBD) – “We have people bringing in animals that they can no longer keep, or that they found [and] that they bring in, we get an average of 20 to 22 of those a day,” says Kia Rieman, the Assistant Director of the Lubbock Animal Shelter

Cuddle buddies… in a safe place!

We got more info from:…

PALM CITY — During the first full week of November, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week recognizes shelters that provide care and bridge the gap to adoption for abandoned and stray animals.

Instituted by the Humane Society of the United States in 1996, the week celebrates animal shelters across the nation and all the hard work and education they provide.

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast celebrated this year from Nov. 5-11 with a full week of activities where the public could not only turn out to show their appreciation for the work our shelter does but also participate hands-on if they desired.

Some gud news about shelters:

Some gud news about shelters:


It wasn’t long ago that millions of animals were put down in shelters every year. In 1997, nearly 64 percent of animals that went to a shelter were ultimately euthanized, according to American Humane. Today that number has dropped to about 23 percent.

Approximately 6.5 million pets go through animal shelters every year. Half are adopted, some are returned to their owners. Day in and day out, shelters are on the front lines saving millions of pets each year. That’s why the first full week in November is designated as National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week – to encourage support for shelters in their work to find homes for an even greater rate of animals in their care.

How can you help out and show your appreciation? Well, if you’re able to, then the best way is to adopt a new pet from a shelter….Those who can’t make a full-time commitment to one animal for its entire life, but still want to open up their home, should look into fostering….If you live in a home that doesn’t allow pets, then volunteer at your local shelter….And don’t forget, you can always help by giving shelters cold, hard cash. Utilities, salaries, food, and everything involved costs a lot of money. But, make sure you’re giving directly to your local shelters.

T’anks to ALL da wunderful volunteers!!

Still, da pooties an’ woozles wud rather be in a fur-ever home

I want a fuzzy cat bed, and all da nip I can handle!!
Pleez — I wanna come home wid yu!!

Did you know dere’s other job than jus’ animal-cuddling… like making ads, managing volunteers, doing behavioral assessments:…

When we think about animal shelters, we often think about the cats, dogs and other pets searching for homes, but we don’t always think about the people who work so hard to help them….Regardless of their skill set, animal lovers of all stripes can find jobs that allow them to marry their personal passion for pets with their profession….

Only two hands iz sumtimes a problem…

From the same link — some great ideas!

How you can help your local shelter:

  • Identify your local shelter and rescue groups.
  • If you are thinking about adopting a pet, do some research first. Visit
  • If you have adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue, post an updated picture of your pet on their Facebook page or send updates through e-mail or snail mail.
  • Take time to thank staff and volunteers at the shelter or rescue group.
  • Check the shelter’s website for donation wish lists. They may be in need of towels, toys or other supplies.
  • Volunteer with your local shelter or rescue group. They may be able to use someone with your skill set.
  • Make sure your cat and dog is outfitted with collars, ID tag and microchip.
  • Spay and neuter your pet.

Tell your local shelter HOW MUCH YOU APPRECIATE THEM!

NOTE: as usual, peeps, I’m probably gonna be late to the party… writing time pushes into this posting time, but I’ll get here as soon as I can!

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