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Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories – Part 1

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Most people love animals. Then there are others who abuse animals for the sake of entertainment and making money. Pit Bulls have long been the victims of such abuse. Despite all that, many Pit Bulls who were lucky to be rescued have done amazingly well with the second chance they were given. These Pit Bull rescue stories prove what an affectionate and loving breed Pit Bulls are.

In this article, we take you through some heartwarming Pit Bull rescue stories with more stories to follow. Find more heartwarming rescue stories in Part 2 and Part 3 of this article.


He was a shelter dog. One day a 17-year old volunteer was giving Mabeline a walk in Florida when a man grabbed the teenager from her hair and forced her to the ground in an attempt to rape her. Mabeline quickly came to her rescue by fighting off the attacker. He not only saved the young volunteer’s life and innocence, but he later helped the Police catch the suspect! This amazing Pit Bull was considered a hero and later found a loving home.

Mama Jade

Despite having a horrible start to her life, Mama Jade turned out to be the typical, happy Pit Bull.

Friends of Christianna Willis, a 23-year old veterinary receptionist, found Mama Jade lying injured on their porch. Christianna came to this beautiful Pit Bull’s rescue. Mama Jade had bite marks on her muzzle, exposed flesh on her neck and rope cuts which were signs that she had been used for dog fighting.

Mama Jade was later diagnosed with breast cancer too. An emotional and heart-broken Christianna put up a Craig’s list post titled ‘Your Pit Bull Found Me and I Won’t Give Her Back’ which brought together many people who wanted to help pay Mama Jade’s medical bills rather than letting her be put down. After two years, Mama Jade has fully recovered and is cancer-free!


He was a loving Pit Bull who had been rescued by his owner Sherree Lewis. Jack had a special bond with Kitty the cat who was also another rescue. One day, Kitty was attacked by two coyotes when she was out in the yard. Sherree had lost all hope at the sight of the coyotes fighting over Kitty. Jack however, didn’t want to give up. He ran over to the yard and chased away the coyotes and lied down by Kitty. The injured cat was rushed to a vet where she got treated for broken bones and teeth. Kitty survived, but she can’t walk well like she did before. However, Jack hasn’t let that get in the way of their adorable friendship.

Some of these Pit Bulls have had very unfair and traumatizing starts to their lives. However, that hasn’t changed their caring and loving nature. These Pit Bull rescue stories show how special Pit Bulls are and how unfairly the breed is looked at and treated. You can read more beautiful Pit Bull rescue stories in Part 2 and Part 3 of this article.

Dogs Love Us More