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Dog’s name and age: Browser, 7 years

Nicknames: Broozer Snoozer

Adoption Story: Browser’s previous owners could no longer care for him. They had a hard time finding him a home, so they turned him to the pound. I just so happened to be looking through the local paper and saw Browser’s picture as the pet of the week.

So, I went down to the animal shelter and found him. The volunteer took us to a fenced-in area outside to see how things went. The moment the lady put him on the ground, he came running and jumping up at me full of excitement. He came home with me that day.


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Browser absolutely loves his grandma. Every time he goes outside, he will go straight over to grandma’s door and wait for her to come to give him some love and treats.

But his all-time favorite person other than grandma and dad is Miss Kennedy, who’s 7. Anytime he sees her, Browser almost knocks her to the ground with all sorts of kisses!

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