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Meet Charliebear | The Bark

black long haired dog
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Dog’s Name and Age: Charliebear, 12 years

Nicknames: Charlie, Teddy, Teddybear, Teddygrahams

Adoption Story: One day, somewhat on a whim, I came home and asked my wife–Hey, want to go adopt a dog? She excitedly responded YES! So, after we agreed, we headed to the local animal shelter near us in Austin, TX.

As I was checking out the dogs on the far hall, little did I know my wife had already asked a shelter worker to open the kennel of a dog she liked. Of course, after turning around and seeing her holding this little black bearish dog, my heart melted.


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We had to wait seven days before we were able to take him home. Once home, we found out he had worms. My beautiful wife and I stayed up late that first night de-worming this poor pup. We changed his name from Sasquatch to Charliebear because he was part of the family.

Charliebear absolutely loves his “F” (frisbee)–we can’t say it completely without him going bananas.

This 62 lb. Border Collie/Chow love-muffin has been with us every step of the way. Showing him daily love will hopefully lessen the pain when we inevitably lose him. We are giving him the best possible life we can.

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