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10 Reasons Why you should adopt a shelter dog once in your life

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Have you ever thought about rescuing a pooch and giving him, or, her a second chance to live? It will change your life too!

Shelter dogs can upgrade your life for the better and can teach life lessons to you too. Shelter dogs are just incredible. Are you waiting to find out why? There are ten reasons that you should adopt a shelter dog today.


  1. Recycling

Yes, it’s a super environmentally conscious decision. No need to buy a new puppy but rather rehome an animal that needs one. Tail wagging happiness guaranteed from a pooch in need.


  1. Help Stop Homelessness

You can save the lives of thousands of dogs by rescuing shelter animals. There isn’t

enough space to keep them all forever. You know what comes next. Help save a life and rescue a shelter dog today.


  1. It’s Awesome & Cool

Lenny Kravitz adopted a rescue dog and so can you. They will be your biggest fan, and you don’t have to have any musical talent. They won’t mind if you sing out of tune in the shower. They may even howl along.


  1. Bragging Rights

You can flaunt your new pup and avail shelter adoptee status. Bumper stickers, t-shirt, coffee cup – social media. You have lifetime bragging rights when you adopt a rescue pooch. Pat yourself on the back. You have saved a life.


  1. No More Lonely Nights

Your new BFF will happily spend their evenings with you, and never moan at you for hogging the remote control. They will always be thrilled to see you, and you will have a tail-wagging companion to curl up with you and keep you company. They will love to hear you too and come running when you call.


  1. Unconditional Love

Experience the absolute love of a doggy companion who wants to be with you all the time, who misses you when you are not there and who will greet you with happy licks, and barks and love you every day. They will make you feel loved at all times whether you are happy or sad. A dog is not a fair-weather friend but only knows how to love you with their whole heart, unconditionally.


  1. You’ll never be embarrassed

Fancy trying to get in shape? What about learning to bake? Sing karaoke? Your pooch will appreciate everything you do, never judge you and always think you’re the best, most talented genius. They will never feel shame or be embarrassed to be seen with you. Never. They will be proud of you and everything you do.


  1. It Shows Your Depth

You are a person who doesn’t just buy the next new trendy dog but makes a conscious choice to rescue a life. How amazing are you! You look beyond the surface of life and see which animals need help. You’re a person with vast emotional depths. Bravo.


  1. It Shows Your Style

You can rescue all kinds of breeds of dogs. You and your new pooch can style it up together. A sparkly collar? A deluxe dog bed that matches yours! Your shelter pooch will be your most favorite stylish accessory.


  1. It shows your faith in democracy

People vote with their feet! Vote with yours and head to a shelter today. You are a part of the great nation of voters who enjoy Liberty, Fraternity, and brotherhood. Rescue and set free a shelter dog. Uncle Sam wants you to be a part of the great nation of American people who do the right thing. Vote rescue! Vote shelter dog!

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