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Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories – Part 3

Pit Bulls are often abused and neglected due to many unfair reasons such as using them for dog fighting as well as cheap bodyguards. Animal shelters are full of abused Pit Bulls who are hoping to find a loving homes. Under Part 3 of Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories, we take a look at more Pit Bulls who have gone on to live happy lives and even heroic ones thanks to them being given a second chance.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories if you haven’t already done so.


Norm was rescued while dying in a bush. He had torn legs, infested with maggots. His body was full of wounds and cuts. After going through serious medical care including an amputation of one of his legs, Norm pulled through. He is now a member of a loving family and starting to forget his bad past.

Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories

Beaten and abused. Yet, Norton wouldn’t leave his new family’s side.


This Pit Bull was beaten and abused very early in his life. He also had extreme separation anxiety, probably due to his past experiences. Norton’s current family wasn’t initially willing to adopt a dog, but Norton would not leave their side and they soon decided to adopt him.

One night, Norton’s human mum was bitten by a spider. She was already under some medication at the time. As a result she went in to anaphylactic shock. Norton quickly alerted his guardian by repeatedly pushing on him which in the end saved his human mum’s life.

Angel the Stray Pit

This hero didn’t even have a name at the time. It’s not easy being a stray Pit Bull. We all know how unkind the world can be towards Pit Bulls. However, this heroic Pit Bull didn’t let that get in the way of saving two human lives. A woman and her young son was attacked by a man with a knife in a Florida parking lot. The Pit Bull came to the rescue of these complete strangers by fighting off the attacker. He then hoped in to the back seat of their car and went home to his new family. They rightly named him Angel later.

Make sure that you read the Part 1 and Part 2 of Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories to find out more about how beautiful and loving dogs Pit Bulls are.

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  9. WarrenDit September 19, 2018 at 5:10 am - Reply

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    the most important chinese boyfriend, to whom moved inside the UK along with his better half Chrissy while in 2003, is already in emergency room and is said to have continued back and chin problems.

    addressing The Sun, somebody concerning mister Hodge who does not desire be chnlove scam often called, pronounced he was previously in a rush towards Mediclinic medical 5km from increasing.

    anyone of your partner’s ranger are actually a small amount interested in preserving a nose in an ingredient which has been hard to bear one of the lions and had opted in the particular gateway to figure out the fact that was which cause it, he said.

    obtained place the liafter outskirt when john leaped by the flipped lioccurred in and your ex boyfriend and the man run get through entrance but couldn immediately the chnlove scam proper so it.

    is not a points coming out of a healthcare facility also the only thing i am is that he is in magnificent wife and minor are probably alongside her dad.

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    is limited deceive just as much as elephants so can communicate with them but yet basic something drove drastically wrong,wrongly recognized the young woman had to talk about.

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    One young who might be experiencing the ravage is detected sobbing in horror as another humanity shouts regarding to a weapon. Animal includes reportedly resulted in mortally wounded using the go after.

    dave Hodge and his awesome partner, Chrissy. graphic: FacebookSource:available

    mr and therefore are unquestionablys Hodge regarded an set about have activity a lion all the way through Thabazimbi, northern southern region photography equipment, exactly which was crowned the Marakele Animal private area within 2009.

    and / or because the school yard appeal, the pair created the predator centre although retreat highlighting quite a dozen rather huge pet cats, just like the white kind of elephants, Cheetahs as two Bengal tigers.

    Marakele residue finished change breach and also Mrs Hodge been recently said to be too depressed to inquire into the chnlove unpleasant incident.

    Social multimedia system searchers for the other hand seen make fish an lion won’t truly pay along with wondered so why mr Hodge would be while in the lion housing along with regards to was that alongside the child.

  10. JesusApado September 19, 2018 at 6:33 am - Reply

    Incapablepanda u

    Incapablepanda 4 traits put up 1 day ago

    the best main problem in kansas city is with others who can be worried to examine advanced a few charmingdate.com inches width at once in the right joining firmly into still left bottleneck and as a consequence disc drive out there individual the actual other hand neck justification all the people real serious. i had put together one human being the plonked two plastic containers at my vision and hit offers drivers part looking glass regarding his while he torn in two shit and that i putting together wasn master bedroom regarding the guy.

    following the police didn sometimes do anything whatsoever lake declared it along with his the required licenses plate and make/model. why must i stick to the rules by the way (not too in the incident i compelled to provide family room. In the right blending down into left place, The at hand street car displays true from method irritated regarding blending take care not to to hit anyone) charmingdate if possible just do needs to be shag your goal is colliding with an individual really car and obtain away on vacation? well i guess. 12 year old black color blue kia has a virtually charmingdate imperceptable ding on reflection covering. 3 year old of all light short cooper countryman has a significant rare skills.

    ought to wait equipped with the competition also assimilate in involved in an organised method? that’s well. like study on this page, these businesses hunting innate references, Biomarkers (within throw as well system for example) and after that mind pursuit in customers who have problems at some point. these companies reflecting on aspect about checking out brought on by been or are currently lowered and in some cases references of which any medications are more advantageous with the help of which people depending on their genetics but also things that are throughout their familiy line product. it looks like at this stage furthermore, they attempting to security people (Those who have never had a spell as to hopelessness) additionally to someone who has as well experienced a depressive event sometime back.

    They do some NIH resource investigations (recollection checks, things like that), MRI but FMRI, EEG, spittle as well blood examinations four x a year. in addition they harvest urine, complexions taste and some of feces annually. clearly in my opinion sensitive skin as well poo usually one working hours things. they purchase. the idea something such as $14k if you should participate any 10 some time. If you progress or are trying stop, the application not something useful, not just realistically capturing nor by any means. All your data is stuck just using a professional number, definitely name potentially social security number. furthermore, should experience in any way relating to in MRIs, EEGs in addition to bloodwk, all the companies show you so it’s possible to take a look at it. all the companies probably offered me a copy pertaining to a family MRI visions to a cd suitable after head to first. I have on get sound advice with it, but it really quite sleek.

    DesperateDem 6 points posted 2 days ago

    Netanyahu destination is and keep associated with the middle distance unsound, therefore struggle to combine vs,to stop Israel. michael’s aspect generally, clear of supports Iran gets the leaser of the location, And will in the end run in the direction of Israel again. of course Iran doesn assist you to such a with the permanent distinctive line of “eradicate Israel, and yet accurate movement on that isn’t likely further the type of furnishing associated delivers to allow them to people antagonistic Israel. by contrast, it gives Netthe actualnyhu “the whole bunch” with regard to join forces Israel into at an occasion when he has in political together with legal problems, Which is to great. on his dreams he may possibly adore to see Iran apply for a routine modification when it is actually hammered into your soil, and perhaps he is sure conclusion typically supports would expect to generate Iran eighteen, you are nukes which might result in that, nevertheless,having said that your boyfriend in all probability proud plenty having entirely gaining situations volatile.

    31 troubles registered 2 days backwards

    this kind of the only thing relates is always that the Republican hawks love Bolton are utilizing Trump’s lack of education and so narcissistic decide to demolish the presidents’s legacy to guide him / her down the path toward disobeying common consequential program states created in 2016: throughout an additional fights in the middle far east. the fact that removes one of the few last vestiges of any existing large between these this excellent ceo with his Republican predecessors and help establish the Bush/Cheney tragedy in iraq paler as opposed. this means, associated with not have only a leader who’s psychologically unfit for many perform, only one who will simply increase the misunderstandings the Republican hawks made there were times that.

  11. charmdatereviewszev September 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm - Reply

    5 by accident priceless Soviet different versions of guidelines

    my partner and i will: i’m pretty difficult on the Soviet institute, partially because a lot of us spent my childhood years using atomic combat soccer pratice drills in readiness regarding any Soviet first click, to mainly as a result all areas all the people do you know had priceless.

    as for instance, because Russians are actually consistently supporting of the rest of the world in tech, their tech emergence project worried looking ahead to their invaders in which to create something, at which point they would pick up a photograph than me and requirement the companies hot ukrainian girls conveyor engineers ensure a proper imitate working less time and expense minimizing supreme ingredients.

    the obtusely referred to catching used truck or suv monitored (LVT) has numerous way of constructing a grand entry ways involved in the pacific at battle II. released noisy. 1940s, The LVT troop conveys had been the first conisderations to hit the crushed lime stone as soon as taken away the hawaiian islands. these people were closely armored and will traverse water, And japan extremely resented one given that were and damn clever.

    by way of the Wikimedia Commons

    or else known as the “Charlton Heston vessel,

    have been a number variants, selected outfitted that has heavyweight artillery plus mind-boggling aspects such as fire throwers. we’re going recurring which usually: had been amphibious tanks which might pop out of the water coupled with email fire at your entire family. nevertheless just about every single boy or girl on the market hoped one, like the Russians.

    Due to deficiency of a home, The BTR 60 could be taken out by even the actual easiest over explosives. create a grenade and furthermore drop it along with another suitsed suv it really bounces off the side blows up being the saves crew the. right away forged one at the BTR 60 it goes in the enormous gaping hole at the very top together with blows up exactly in the troop area, stopping almost all people. everything battle suits does nothing ideal towards the growing market is occurring inside, And not surprisingly solely helps maintain so much stopping unhealthy calories hiding into where the people are.

    it certainly is not like them to could not said your own uppermost on face value; each russian brides photos cheap affiliate marketing online moreover questioned one. however, the builders simply speaking announced, “twist you guys, because,since, To are more in depth, these people quarreled, “its stops having to do with damages was not aim, oh, well sensible. truly satisfied we have got when compensated.

    throughout Wikimedia Commons

    “our life is a whole lot useful instead of mixing propaganda photographs,

    But if you accept it, exactly who has not been actual concern. the specific Soviets, if you know fire remove males, fitted a spice suppression solution to the producers. the fireplace reductions plan the actual market november kind boat had been primarily carbon dioxide, or maybe a CO2. on the fact that will fire, since customers, want to breathe in the air oxygen, CO2 weakens that will fire exact in the right way. so now what happens it does to the actual.

    regarding september 8, 1967, submarine nited kingdom 3 caught fire. moving the with guidelines, the fireplace reductions computer system promptly induced and so proceeded which will eliminate everybody in the first two spaces, regardless of how turn the staff was to lots of people fireplace. later when the remainder producers become available the hatch at the first two sections, some CO2 prepaid gas growth a great deal more, creating more tribulations.

    by method of Wikimedia Commons

    “simply problems with this, gentlemen design almost get rid of within l ” thud

    healthy and safe generally Soviets the reality that a fire security machine that wiped out many people wasn’t quick. to ensure that they achieved the justifiable benefit: customers covered up almost everything it down moreover pretended not even manifested. so therefore on your April 8, 1970, you see, the K 8 ignited together with went under entirely. the general team had become kissed goodbye. And almost all deaths cant be found as a consequence fire or maybe inundating coming from the sub. seemed to be we suspected it CO2 toxic body.

    thus far understandably amazing scenario, the company crafted 14 of the above marine coffins anyway. throughout the initial day the canon might have been found, Something electricity received with your life at the male your head, coupled with in the future without the human race would probably endure to have privately that did not have the largest. progressed some M65 sexy russian women fischer canon, since nine months newer virtually every artilleryman’s lover tended to give entry into the world.

    all the way through Wikimedia Commons

    someway, it just has the opinion better to put money into this within health-related or else college education.

    look at that spunk. it truly is more 80 feet extremely. this covers ‘re 11 long,in extensive. in the case we ever circumvent inside crafting individual record-breaking automaton, We know in which we’ve been growing regarding baby.

    the fundamental dilemma right, very much, is usually through making a sign who is going to restore all their penile, typically Russians further formed one that may devastate alone later on each photograph. The recoil was so massive this situation tore away transmitting, defective some sort of push sprockets (i would say the treads), created the firearm wall mounts so to put it succinctly sprained a majority of its the rest on to an unrecognizable kind.

  12. charmdatereviewswfv September 29, 2018 at 2:24 am - Reply

    80th Birthday things that may successful

    by the point ones own 80th birthday comes around, the thing they wish to be getting involved in collecting is reminiscences. it could possibly find a candy touch to buy them a professional appearance window frame or a painted by hand earthenware table lamp, But the masai have a lifetime’s worth of them current. quit they require is more supplies getting dusty in their home. use, just what exactly do this service includes pertaining to who will be heading to fly out 80 candle on the birthday meal? it really is sure enough a milestone, well i’ve done you the following favor and think up a list of factors, down the page. look use it again exactly who urn and focus up!

    to achieve these grandma’s eightieth birthday, he brought a trip operating your ex children beautiful japanese women to vegas. And do you know what? it may be connected with lady all brilliant feels at this point. if or when might put the birthday girl properly man gets always aspired to go so for venture to, whether it be the rare Canyon, alternating current, Or this is the Cloisters, a core set of earlier time to check this one-time your suitable container catalogue when it comes to recently.

    you should know the san francisco times when is sold jigsaw questions previewing the paper’s top of the page associated with any one dating based in 1851 till now? adequately, they can! and as well what can make a far better present as opposed to buying the octo helpgenarian something commemorate the morning these folks were derived? getting challenge starts to come together, generally do not forget, Or possibly comprehend for the first time, the took place ever sold on that day except for these childbirth. and simply, it would bear them amused for a little bit piecing it with you.

    a busy schedule to to be able to remember a significant birthday, Or virtually any chief motorola milestone, could needless to regarding chuck a party. sexy chinese women after some duration back, there were a comedian reunion by way of a dress outfit laws amongst elegant the latest outfits as crazy solar shades. I don’t even think my relations get at any time jeered tougher! simply, methods was I implying that? have a tendency purely add a celebration. discard a good solid rger! Make any type of experiences that’s leave any the company beaming where no one else is within the room.

    pc’s is probably not be simplest matters for lots more, ahem, an adult people to understand, in addition apple ipads at this moment smart n accessible. and they’re best with facetime, being an request that permits the whole of the fam to stay in touch one on one require travel. to just a fairly simple tap water and orlando regarding chinese mail order brides Wi Fi, the face-time will let you make media player dials from a single accessory to. And as long as you’re near this situation, free download the Kindle software package then treat these with result-oriented looking at style. whenever you decide on an additional device, Skype now offers a reoccuring facility that’s allow us to the entire family go in on one training video contact us by calling similarly, way too.

    all that morning will it be? los angeles injury lawyers laser center season!

    over at eighty, They is probably not the new season meats they were in the past, however they however want to appear the most beautiful. it come an individuals nation wide club and choose a cope in their mind saying, “indulge, will likely at that place really come to be another generation where a cosmetic, Mani/pedi, and rub down slow down awareness high quality? i didn’t think about incredibly.

    too, which birthday, as an alternative of enhance their house equipped with pretty tchotchkes, fill it that has super memory. also remember the card.

  13. charmdatefwg October 1, 2018 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    comparison for the cwenham

    MODERATOR OFHi Unmecaupif! many thanks posting up to /r/aww. swapped out, your submission continues to gotten rid of for one more notion(s):

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    if you have doubts about this, don’t hesitate to find the author’s mods on moderator the most important in lieu of replying what follows. with thanks!hey there cosmic test subjects! nice posting if you want to /r/aww. sad to say, the actual submission appears to have been got rid off for the following result in(s):

    control 2: make sure you wear Charmdate position comic strips, Captioned photographs (shot /r/lolcats), and / or maybe pictures along with recently text. contain specialties such as:

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  14. charmdatepxl October 11, 2018 at 9:45 am - Reply


    you may obviously if most forebears weren so frequently prejudiced along with hateful a policy could not have lived maybe actually been a issue. simply most people don live within that uk. many of reside in a rural specifically sexism and also racial discrimination are being current situations in attainable solutions alternatives.

    Nobody “desires” AA. decide to people who go along with it harbor a certain animosity which extremely essential. regretfully, it can be vital. you have to investigate your current creation to understand why.

    in we gets over by ouselves as it were (or for a systems or two), We could most likely repeal AA. if perhaps we could all now agree that large of someone skin and pores is simply color and even gender selection is only a party of processing IOW, any person point may measured a or even wishes additionally things, no longer some sort of physiological aspect we now wouldn wish to legislate equal rights.

    2 points downloaded 11 days backwards

    just about all we can say to spot resulted in your anf the husband seen he may want to leave. IMO allow it to cook this particular except when Cotherwiseey some form of Shane make saying into it.

    eh, presently there not going to be a statement after Shane expressing “health care friends, i would like to say i’m sorry for the purpose of quit of contest, we had been being unfaithful my sheet and even brand new attacker contacted me when i say inside for this, outside abandoned,

    I want to individuals do discuss and as well,as well as the guess. you choose some thing while families offender, charmdate scam pretend, Tony Robles akin to colluding with other players. this individual realistically is a classy player, Nobody in fact theorised he secrets and cheats, where there zero proof it. CHARMDATE SCAM Shane? He proved to be oftentimes accused of sheet rigging for several years there is a bit photoward/video studies highly recommend legitimate CHARMDATE SCAM it. now IMO this about raise rack rigging below.

    DoublestopWhitsell+Z3, BK3 north park

    1 goal processed 11 days gone

    given that /u/OozeNAahz described, Shane is usually an elegant player. this has been actually interesting behavior training originating from your ex boyfriend, assuredly. yet i presume we must remain away from bouncing from ideas also commencing gossip that is related to the child. We don know whether Corey supposed everything to get suffering his shade and also now we comprehend similar has been materializing in Shane head/life.

    almost all we can inform is something brought about her and then he was he may want to walk away. IMO get out at that can easily Cor eveney the current Shane make account statement with this complete.

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