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Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories – Part 3

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Pit Bulls are often abused and neglected due to many unfair reasons such as using them for dog fighting as well as cheap bodyguards. Animal shelters are full of abused Pit Bulls who are hoping to find a loving homes. Under Part 3 of Amazing Pit Bull Rescue Stories, we take a look at more Pit Bulls who have gone on to live happy lives and even heroic ones thanks to them being given a second chance.

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Norm was rescued while dying in a bush. He had torn legs, infested with maggots. His body was full of wounds and cuts. After going through serious medical care including an amputation of one of his legs, Norm pulled through. He is now a member of a loving family and starting to forget his bad past.

Beaten and abused. Yet, Norton wouldn’t leave his new family’s side.


This Pit Bull was beaten and abused very early in his life. He also had extreme separation anxiety, probably due to his past experiences. Norton’s current family wasn’t initially willing to adopt a dog, but Norton would not leave their side and they soon decided to adopt him.

One night, Norton’s human mum was bitten by a spider. She was already under some medication at the time. As a result she went in to anaphylactic shock. Norton quickly alerted his guardian by repeatedly pushing on him which in the end saved his human mum’s life.

Angel the Stray Pit

This hero didn’t even have a name at the time. It’s not easy being a stray Pit Bull. We all know how unkind the world can be towards Pit Bulls. However, this heroic Pit Bull didn’t let that get in the way of saving two human lives. A woman and her young son was attacked by a man with a knife in a Florida parking lot. The Pit Bull came to the rescue of these complete strangers by fighting off the attacker. He then hoped in to the back seat of their car and went home to his new family. They rightly named him Angel later.

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Dogs Love Us More