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A Priceless Friendship Between A Corgi And A Jack Russel

Abby the Corgi Gaze at Yellow Flowers
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Finding friends when you are a human can be easy, there are so many social events happening in your area and even if you are a bit socially shy, you can jump on a computer and join a social networking group.

It’s a bit different in the animal kingdom, though. Pets don’t have a choice in who their housemates will be. It’s a ‘take-it-or-take-it’ kind of situation. For Abby and Jockie it was a match made in doggy heaven.


Abby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was born in June 2016. Since the moment her owners laid eyes on her, they felt a deep connection. Bred from a true bloodline, the red and white Corgi resembled true royalty, and was presented with the official name “Abby Duchess”.

Abby continued to steal hearts and all the attention. She even has her own Instagram account.

Abby the Corgi Gaze at Yellow Flowers


On the other side of the country, 4 years earlier in 2012, an adventurous Jack Russel was found on the street by a loving couple. Still a puppy the couple couldn’t believe that someone would put the little dog out in the rain on the streets.

Regardless of his humble beginnings, the little pup soon displayed his playfulness and bravery by prancing around in the yard and they named him “Jockey”.

The Meeting

In the meantime, Abby’s owners tried introducing her to all kinds of new friends. A cat named Marbles and a rabbit named Fudge. To be honest, Abby’s high energy and excitement were too much for both the cat and the rabbit. Her owners would find the cat exhausted after a day of leaving them together. And so, the search for a new friend began.

Tragedy struck when Jockey’s owners had to relocate into a much smaller home that didn’t allow any pets. Thankfully, Abby was looking for a new friend. The owners happily invited the little Jack Russel into their home.

Abby and Jockey gave each other a quick sniff through and became instant best buds. The two would share everything; walks in the park, food and sleeping areas. They also had respect for each other’s things. Abby wouldn’t dare touch Jockey’s favorite rubber chicken, and Jockey wouldn’t dare touching Abbey’s favorite giraffe stuffed toy. The pair were constantly together, smiling, panting and wagging tails.

Abby and Jockey Sniffing Grass
Abbey and Jockey with Owner

Although Abby was really happy with Jockey’s arrival, there was a house guest that wasn’t, Marbles the cat. She would run away whenever Jockey approached and the owners were concerned for her happiness.

Maybe bringing Jockey into the home wasn’t such a great idea.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

No matter what the owners tried the cat and the dog just didn’t see eye to eye. Scared of them hurting each other, the owners decided that it was better if Jockey found another home.

Luckily the owner’s sister provided a home for Jockey a few miles away. As soon as Jockey left, Abbey stopped eating. She was found laying on the floor looking miserable.

Jockey, on the other hand, would run to his new owner’s door when they came back from work and he would sadly turn around if he didn’t see Abbey. He was found peering through the window looking into the distance with longing.

Jockey Feeling Lonely

Play Dates

The owner and her sister would arrange play dates for the two miserable pooches once every week. The play dates would take place at Jockey’s new home or in a park. They even packed a bag with their favorite toy, walking harnesses and doggy treats. As soon as Jockey saw Abby he would show her his new blanket. In return, Abby would present Jockey with her special cow hoof – the two would take turns chewing on the hoof.

When seeing each other the pooches would bark in excitement, wagging their tails and sniffing each other. Then they would disappear for hours playing outside – digging up old bones and probably telling each other stories about their owners.

One thing is for sure, Jockey and Abby hated saying goodbye at the end of a play date. And they would gaze through their windows waiting for next week’s meeting.

Hello, My Friend

Something had to be done about these two’s constant longing for each other’s friendship. Let’s give it one more try, with Marbles.

No photo description available.
Marbles the Cat

Abby and Marbles’ owners took all precautions on how to introduce a new dog into the home. They had Jockey and Abby on their leashes, they made sure Marbles had an escape route whenever she felt uncomfortable or threatened. They even had a quick ball-throwing session with Abby beforehand, to make sure she isn’t as energetic when Jockey would enter the room.

The goal was to establish a long-lasting relationship between Marbles and Jockey, for Abby and Jocky to be together. And here I was thinking only humans had a lot of drama.

Everybody was standing by ready for the re-introductory. Tensions were running high, waiting for Marbles’ reaction. Would she hiss at Jockey like so many times before? Would Jockey try to bite her tail?

Abby must have had a serious talk with Marbles the cat because as soon as Jockey, hesitantly, entered the house Marbles came calmly walking towards Jockey. Their eyes met and it was as if Marbles said, “It’s okay, you stinky Jack Russel, I accept you now!” She gently walked around him swaying her tail and Jockey lifted his one eyebrow.

And just like that Jockey was welcomed into the home and everybody were amazed at the outcome but also relieved and happy.

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