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Unique Boy Dog Names

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Choosing a name for your new pup is challenging, and you may go back and forth between a few before deciding. Picking a name is much easier if you have spent a few days with your dog and have said different names out loud to see how they sound. I have created a small list of unique boy dog names to choose from to help give you some ideas.

Jagger, I like this name because of the phrase, “Moves like Jagger” -referring to Rock & Roll icon Mick Jagger. This name is perfect for your pup who just can’t sit still or just another cool name for a cool dog.

Oreo, this name is awesome mainly because of a food reference. Who doesn’t love a dog name with food connotation (Skittles, Buttercup, Brownie); it’s different, and everyone gets a good joke out of the hungry pup whose name is so sweet.

Thor, this is a name I picked for a great pup whose personality and size match each other in size. Thor is a protector who is powerful, again ideal for a dog of large size and great character.

Obama, this name is a unique being that is is the last name of our 44th President of the United States. This name has become more popular for babies and dogs in the transition of the presidency, and he has impacted the nation positively, always in good spirit. Obama is a distinguished name for your dog to have and strikes engaging conversations with friends and passing strangers.

Hash, is another one of my food references that I love. Hash as in hash brown, is a fun name for another hungry dog, or just for dog’s golden-brown fur color. Hash is a cool name, that you don’t hear too much and is a great conversation starter, as well.

Good luck in your name search, and be sure to give yourself a few days before making a final decision.

Dogs Love Us More