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Know the characteristics of French Bulldogs before getting one as pet

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French bulldog, also known as “Frenchie,” is a small, compact and muscular dog. This dog breed stands at around 12 inches tall and weighs at the most 30 pounds. This dog breed is a great addition to any home. French bulldog is descendants of the bull terrier dog breed and is a breed which requires a lot of their owner’s attention.

These dogs can be easily spotted with their wrinkly face and ‘bat-like’ ears, which are large and wide at the bottom and round at the top. Below mentioned are some characteristics of French Bulldogs that you need to know when you plan on getting one as a pet:

  • The French bulldog loves attention and also love playing with people and other dogs. So the owner should be aware of the fact that the French Bulldogs are deceptively strong for its size, so caution the guests as well as children to be gentle with them.
  • The overall built of this dog makes it difficult to regulate its body temperature. These dogs are intolerant to extreme heat which means that you will have to keep them close to water and shade during summers or they will fall ill soon due to overheating.
  • French Bulldogs stick to people. For this reason, do not get this dog thinking that it will stay in just a corner. The French Bulls love to stay by their owner’s side and want your acceptance. This is why this dog breed makes a good companion.
  • The French Bulldogs are one of the healthiest bull terrier mixes and require a regular visit to the veterinarian to monitor and check their overall health. They need semi-regular tests for thyroid disease and Von Willebrand’s disease. This is no reason for avoiding such a wonderful dog as all dogs require proper care and visit the vet.
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