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Jack Russell dog killed by an adder snake

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A Jack Russel dog has been killed by an adder snake on a Devon beach, England. The unfortunate event has prompted the dog‘s owner to ]warn other pet owners of the dangers of the beach.

Bella was a loyal 11-year-old Jack Russell before she was bitten twice by the disturbed, venomous snake. The whole event occurred in the grass at Beer beach after the dog tried to ‘protect’ her elderly owners.

The little white and brown dog fought bravely against the venom. Alas, she couldn’t make it and died at a vet’s in Axminster shortly afterward.

Bella’s owner, Rosalind Naish, has long suffered from a terrible phobia of snakes.

She is doing her best to spread the word. This will hopefully prevent similar accidents from happening to other dogs or even kids.

Rosalind and her husband Richard are from Trowbridge in Wiltshire. They had been holidaying in their caravan in East Devon. It was a nice holiday until the unfortunate event.

The three of them were on the beach together. The dog was walking by Rosalind’s mobility scooter, close to a three-meter patch of grass near the pebble beach.

Rosalind believes that Bella had sensed the danger of the snakes and tried to protect the couple from the nest of adders. That’s when she was bitten twice – once on her nose and once under her armpit.

“We immediately knew it was an adder by the wound on her muzzle,” says Rosalind,

“We had to get back to in the car, but it was slow because we had to get the mobility scooter in the car, and a lorry was blocking the winding lane out of Beer.

“We had no phone signal so we took her to a vets in Seaton but they couldn’t deal with her there so we had to travel to Coombefield Vets in Axminster, who were fantastic.

“Bella was in terrible pain and within 48 hours she had died.

“She looked more like a bulldog because of the swelling.

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