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Know some cool facts about Pomeranians

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Despite being from Iceland, Pomeranians were developed largely in the areas like Poland and Germany. They are considered as the cutest and fluffiest creature on the planet about which everyone talks. The foxy-faced dog has an interesting history, and nicknamed as “the obedient little dog who thinks he can do,” is active, capable of competing with other in agility as well as always love to be a family friend.

One of the best facts regarding their past is, Pomeranians especially got the fame and name after they were shown in a conformation show, organized by Queen Victoria. That was the first show ever where they were presented in front of the public. Poms are cute, furry, feisty, and intelligent as well. Don’t let their innocence and cuteness fool you. However, Pomeranians have the sharp minds of their own.

Poms make you alert!

When someone enters your home, then Pomeranians are always ready to bark. They bark just to make you alert that someone is there inside your home. This makes a great watchdog, and as long as you have them with you, nobody can even dare to sneak up on you.

Long life!

Unlike the other breeds of dogs, Pomeranians have the highest lifespan and well-known for their healthy habits. They live for 12-16 years, and it mainly depends on the owners. They always need good food, happy atmosphere, and proper care.

Small things are always cute isn’t it true?

Every tiny thing is cute and easy to maintain as well. Pomeranians are too small in size and can roam with you when you are traveling. They are very comfortable with their owners and love to travel, to play and require lots of attention.

Pomeranians have 23 different color combinations

Most of the dog breeds are coming in one or two color patterns, but Pomeranians are available in more than four colors. They have 23 color combinations. Isn’t it shocking?

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