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Paralyzed from waist down: Recovery of a Street Dog

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A street dog was found unable to walk beside the road after being hit by some car passing through the area. He was even unable to stand on his four legs. He was puzzled to see his legs not working anymore. He was afraid of people, people who crushed his ability to walk. It was hard for him to trust anyone. Even his rescuers found it hard to gain his trust. But after an initial struggle, he understood that it was time to let go of the fear and trust again.

At the hospital

The doctors diagnosed him with severe nerve damage near the spine area which tempered his ability to walk. Most of the time nerve damages are permanent, but the rescuers didn’t give up on him. The dog required long weeks of good rest with regular physical therapy and good food. He was a good little patient who let his rescuers treat him and help him walk again. Regular back massages with physical exercises and a happy atmosphere helped him push through the pain and fight with his destiny to walk once again.

Another rescue dog accompanied his journey to healing as his best friend and mentor who suffered a similar trauma that caused him to lose one of his legs. Slowly and steadily with one step at a time, the rescuers helped this unfortunate soul have a fortunate future. His nerves started to heal, and today after a long duration of 5 months, the dog can successfully walk again. Although it would take a long time for him to heal totally and he still limps, but his recovery was amazing. He is a mischievous playhouse who loves to roll in the dirt.

Here is the amazing fighter who recovered from the painful condition to run again.

Dogs Love Us More