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Dog adopted a leopard

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People are known to constantly reject, despise and hate each other over superfluous differences. Animals, however, continue to shows that even different species can love each other without a second thought. This was further exemplified recently in Russia when a dog adopted a leopard cub.

The cute leopard was born in the Sadgorod Zoo in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. However, right after the birth, the cub’s mother – the old female leopardess Alyona – rejected it. As a result, the cub found itself needing a new mother. That’s when a dog owner was offered the cub since his own spaniel Sherry had just recently given birth to six puppies.

Sergey Asnovin, the head of the Sadgorod Zoo, said in front of the local media:

This is the second time the leopardess refused to feed her young.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time in the zoo’s recent history that a dog adopted a leopard. Last year the zoo faced the same situation and another leopard cub had to be adopted by the owner of a female golden retriever.

Asnovin also commented: “There were other times when Alyona ate her cubs and we did not even get the chance to see them.”

In fact, the leopardess Aluona turns on her younglings so quickly that they had to distract her with meat right after the birth, in order to save the recent cub.

Fortunately, Sherry, the spaniel accepted the leopard cub immediately.

Currently, she is caring for her now 7 younglings without a care in the world.

Source: CEN/@zoopark_vl

Asnovin also added that the leopard cub is just a month old and is still sucking milk from Sherry as bottle-feeding it is both difficult and sub-optimal.

Netizen ‘Mila’ said:

“What a fantastic dog to look after that cute cub.

“She feeds them all and lets them have fun running around!”

Dogs Love Us More