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1 in 3 Dogs & Cats Are Overweight

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Dogs and cats have increasingly become more overweight in the past ten years. According to reports by Banfield Hospital, the list of these pets do not demographically correlate with the obese human population. Dogs and cats in states like Minnesota and Nebraska are being recorded to be the most overweight, at high 30 and 40 percentiles; whereas the majority of humans that are overweight live in states such as, Louisiana and Alabama. The number of overweight dogs and cats has increased, with many fat cats taking the lead. Your pet’s health actually can dig into your pockets more than you thought, and accrue unnecessary hospital and vet costs.

Owners of dogs and cats are spending the couple of thousands of dollars more each year, just for diagnostic tests and procedures. Keeping your dog healthy and active is a way to combat these costs and spend less money trying to figure out what’s “wrong” with your pet. Making sure your pet is eating food that is specifically for them and not including your leftovers, plays an essential part in their overall health, as well. Not only has there been an increase in vet visits and pet costs, but there is also a spike in cases of arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease in both dogs and cats.

Your dogs can’t communicate that those stairs in your house wore them out, or that they don’t feel as energetic as they use to because they can’t just “tell” us. It’s our responsibility as the owner to know when our pets are working towards an unhealthy route, versus waiting until there is a problem present to do something. Preventative treatment works the same for humans as it does animals. Ensuring your pets get the recommended amount of exercise and sticking to a diet based on their needs can regain their health and put money back into your wallet.


Dogs Love Us More