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Taking your dog to the beach: How to guide

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In the summer months, we can only think of one thing: white sandy beaches and turquoise waves with calmed tide and a spectacular tan. Sharing your family’s summer vacation is one of the most treasured memories. Of course, as any dog lover will understand, our dog is also part of the family and for many of them, the beach is an incomparable adventure.

Completely possible
Currently, there are many options for dog-friendly lodging and beaches with facilities to enjoy a sunny day with our best friends, the next is planning the logistics to make the trip an experience that includes all the care for our beloved pet, complications free and, most important, enjoyable for all.

If it’s the first time your dog goes to the beach, believe me, the novelty is going to have him busy for quite some time. If you have already secured the call command and your dog returns without distractions whenever you call him, the beach is an ideal opportunity to reinforce that and other commands while a walk along the shore enjoying all the new elements around him.

Swimming: In addition to exercising in the sand, the obvious choice of fun on the beach is: swimming! Enjoying the waves swinging next to your pet, watching them flee nimbly or plunge is incredible.

For some short snout breeds, going to the beach may be an opportunity to develop swimming skills that don’t arise naturally, as it happens for Goldens and Labrador Retriever. Caring for small Pugs, Terriers and Bull Dogs, as well as other small breeds, should be a priority for a day without problems.

Keep and eye: It’s important you keep visual control of your pet, as much as your children. Life jackets are always very useful for small breeds. Remember that however enthusiastic your pet is, the temperature and exercise on the beach can surpass it. Just as you need rest and recover energy, the need to do it too. If you see that it is exhausted, it is best to rest with you for a while as the exhaustion and the tide

If you see him exhausted, it is best to rest with you for a while as the exhaustion and the tide is, unfortunately, a combination of much danger.

Fun and Prevention: Wearing a frisbee, balls, life jackets, floats and his favorite toys are packing essentials. But also remember to bring sunscreen, plenty of fresh water, his bowl, snacks, his chain, bags to collect waste and a first aid kit primarily for cuts or jellyfish Stinks.

Beware of Cupid: Remember that in a dog-friendly beach other people are going to go with their pets and it is best to have the situation under control. If your pet is in heat, the best choice is to postpone the trip until it’s finished. This way you will avoid altercations among other dogs and other dog owners.

High temperatures: On the other hand, sunburns can also affect your pet: nose and paws are areas you should take special attention. Also, Remember that their thermal regulation works in a different way than ours. For them,  high temperatures of the midday sun could be deadly.

Keep his bowl full of fresh water, give hin their own towel to rest under shade and use the period between 11 am-2pm, where the sun hit more directly, to take a break, eat and recover energy.

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