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Akita Dog- a dog with impressive characteristics

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Originated from Japan, Akita has captured the heart of all people. This dog breed is well known for the ability in guarding, fighting and hunting. Akita can easily hunt in the snow. These dogs are very loyal and very obedient. If you want a perfect companion for you and need a dog who can guard your house, then Akita can be the best choice for you. Well, there is something that you must know about the dog before choosing.

Things that you should know about Akita

Akita is a large and strong dog. The body of Akita is longer than their height. They always need human attention and stay loyal throughout their life, but that depends on your behavior.

  • Akita’s temperament:

They can be very aggressive toward other dog breeds. Akita is a perfect guard dog, but they don’t bark more. Sometimes they show excess love toward human families and can do anything for protecting your children. Sometimes Akita can act dominatingly so it will be best for you to give them proper training.

  • Akita’s care and exercise:

If you are planning to bring Akita for you, get ready to give him perfect grooming. This will keep the coats to stay in good condition. You need to brush them daily. They are active dogs and love playing. They need proper exercise regularly to stay healthy and active. Keep in mind about their socialization. You must show your dominance over your Akita. Otherwise, your dog will do whatever he wants. Be strict while giving training.

  • Akita’s health issues:

This breed can suffer from VKH, dysphasia, thyroiditis and other health issues. You need to take about Akita’s proper vaccinations for their long life.

Keep these things in mind before choosing Akita for you. Make sure that you can give all the necessary things to your Akita.





Dogs Love Us More