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Dog tackles a rattlesnake to save owner

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Paula Godwin, an Arizona native, recently ran into a rattlesnake without noticing it. Instead of getting in trouble, however, she was saved in the last moment by her hero of a golden retriever – Todd. The golden retriever has been labeled a hero online after he tackled the rattlesnake to save his owner. He didn’t leave the skirmish without scars, however, as he was bitten by the reptile in the process.

Paula Godwin posted her story to Facebook, alongside with several pictures of Todd’s swollen face.

“As we were walking down the hill I literally almost stepped on a rattlesnake. But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me.”

“He bolted by my leg,” she told the BBC. “That’s when he was hit by the snake.

“Todd was yelping right away, crying. I picked him up, ran down the hill with my other dog Copper, and we got him to the hospital within about 10 minutes of being bit.

“He got the anti-venom quickly and was in the hospital for about 12 hours.

“He for sure saved me from being bit. He’s my hero.”

Paula also mentioned that she is very aware of the rattlesnake dangers of Arizona and she usually pays attention when she’s walking her dogs. This particular snake, however, seems to have been undetectable to the human eye.

“I am a native from Arizona,” she said, “I know all the dangers, I am very vigilant of where I am and my surroundings.

This snake did not give any indication he was there. Usually if I hear that rattle I am alert and I am backing away.

“I think he was just resting in the road – he was a grey speckled white rattlesnake, he looked just like the road.

“I am so aware, so vigilant, but I didn’t see him.”

Source: Paula Godwin

Todd’s story has been circulating online with a lot of people sharing his story. Users like the popular account WeRateDogs are calling the puppy “a true hero”.

Paula remarks that she is surprised at the amount of attention Todd is getting and that it is “overwhelming, but Todd deserves it“.

It’s amazing,” she said. “I’m just a small-town girl here with her doggies.

“I love that people see Todd as the hero that he is.

“He is on the mend now. He is doing wonderful, and it seems like he’s going to have a great recovery and be completely fine.

“He’s acting like a normal puppy. He is for sure my hero.”

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