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Misleading Dog Health Myth

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Dog myths are all around us. They are actually half truths because they have not been confirmed. A myth starts as a rumor and later becomes a reality. The problem with myths is that they can be very misleading. Some can even cost the dog its life. In this article, we will try to analyze several myths that have been there for many years.

Warm Nose

There is a myth that argues that if the dog’s nose is warm, there are chances that the canine is ill. This is not true because there are many circumstances that can cause the nose of a dog to be warm. Perhaps we find it abnormal because we expect the dog’s nose to remain cold. When the sun gets too hot during summer, the dog’s nose may get hot.

There are also some breeds of dogs that have warm noses. Such attributes are usually hereditary. You can only confirm if you dog is not feeling well by observing its behavior. If the dog has lost appetite in food and spends most of the time sleeping, he could be suffering from a disease or an injury.

Human Food is Safe for Dogs

You should never share your food with the dog. Whoever advocates for sharing is damn wrong. For a start, our digestive system is not similar to that of dogs. Moreover, the ingredients used in preparing human food such as onions, garlic, walnuts and spices are dangerous when ingested by dogs.

As a matter of fact, some of the spices that are added into our food contain chemical compounds that can poison the dog. The other problem is that human food contains too much salt and sugar. Indulging in too much sugar and salt is known to cause high blood pressure in dogs. In addition to that excess sugar can cause your canine to be overweight.

The Dog Should be Allowed to Lick his Wounds

When a dog licks its own wound, it’s self medicating because the saliva has enzymes that kill the bacteria that are present in such places. But this doesn’t mean that the dog should not be taken to the hospital. This is due to the fact that saliva alone is not a drug. This habit can actually cause the dog to recover slowly because it’s moistening the wound when it’s supposed to remain dry. Besides that, licking can cause the stitches to come off especially when they are get stuck in the canine’s teeth.

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