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Can My Dog Catch a Cold?

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Your dog can catch a cold just like we can, only the virus that infects them is not the same one that infects us. The virus that causes a cold in your dog is spread through other dogs and transmits through a cough or sneeze. The illnesses with cold-like symptoms your dog can get resemble the same symptoms we get and is just as uncomfortable. To ensure your dog’s health, get them treated as soon as possible to prevent a more serious problem.  

Since dogs are infected by contact with other dogs, taking your dog to the park during “cold season” may put them at higher risk, but that doesn’t mean they won’t catch a cold at a different time of the year. Harmful bacteria spreads between dogs through water bowls, nasal contact, and saliva. There is no way to prevent your dog from getting sick once in awhile and is good for building up the immune system. If your dog has been coughed or sneezed on, there is a chance they can get infected. Just like we wash our hands and bodies, keeping your dog bathed regularly after park visits help fight off harmful illnesses that can live on their bodies.

Some cold symptoms resolve on their own after a few days, and if they last longer than ten days, it is probably a severe case that needs treatment with antibiotics. If your dog has a loss of appetite, drowsiness, dizziness, panting, or signs of dehydration, rush to the nearest animal hospital for help. Dogs are resilient creatures that can withstand lots of pain and discomfort. Always monitor your dog’s health and pay attention to unusual symptoms and behaviors for their safety. If in doubt, always call the vet for a consultation or take your dog in for persistent problems.


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