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How Dog Owners promote Naughty Behavior

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The behavior of your dog reflects on your personality by a great deal. Dogs are actually like our kids; they behave according to how the owner trains them. When your dog behaves in a bad way in front of visitors, they will forgive the canine and blame you for not training your canine. Although they may not let it show openly, deep down their hearts, they know it was your fault. Interestingly, some dog owners tolerate bad manners in their canine. A dog will usually behave the same way it does when there are guests in the house.

Jumping on People

Most dogs display their affection by jumping on their owners and other people that they are familiar with. This can be cool at first because it shows that your dog really loves you. But there are times when you can’t tolerate this behavior especially if you are wearing a suit or have an injury on either of your limbs. If your dog jumps on you just before you go to work, you might have to change your clothes. The worst is that his claws can tear into your wounds if you are nursing an injury. This behavior can also scare your kid especially if he is still too little to bear with the weight of an adult dog.

The truth is that you promoted this behavior right from the start without knowing. If you patted his back when he first jumped on you, you actually told him that it’s cool to do so. The easiest way of stopping this behavior is through ignorance. When the dog jumps up, you should not talk to him or pat his back. This will send a message that you don’t like his way of exchanging pleasantries. You should only turn to him when he is standing, seated or lying on the floor. This process should be repeated everyday.

Begging for Food

Humans beg with their hands but dogs use their eyes. A dog that begs for food can really disappoint you when there are guests at home. This is because it will look as if you don’t feed him well. You actually promote begging when you share your food with the dog. Even if he looks at you with dull eyes, you should never give in to his demands because unteaching him will take ages. You can stop this behavior by giving the pup his food so that he doesn’t borrow yours. If you are eating chicken for instance, you should not give him some of it. You should get him his favorite dish.

Pulling on the Leash

Every dog wants to chart its own routes. This is because the dog wants to sniff on stuff and probably pee on some to mark his territory. If you allow the dog to pull the leash, your supposed walk will be transformed into a run. You can deal with this problem by stopping on your tracks whenever the dog attempts to walk ahead of you. This will cause him to come back to you because the leash will definitely strain his neck. You should only move forward when the dog is by your side.

Dogs Love Us More