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Preventing Heat Exhaustion in Pit Bulls

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You should always keep an eye out for heat exhaustion. It can happen any time of the year by various causes, but any dog is more prone to it during the hot summer months. Learning about the signs of heat exhaustion and knowing how to quickly cool your dog can ultimately save your Pit Bull’s life. Furthermore, preventing heat exhaustion is something you should always pay attention to, especially during the warmer months. In this article, we talk about preventing heat exhaustion in Pit Bulls and what to do if your dog is over-heated.

Precautions & Prevention

  • Follow these instructions and observe your dog to avoid heat exhaustion on hot days.

    Don’t let your dog exhaust his body on hot days. Make him/her take breaks in between playing around or doing exercise. Your Pit Bull’s body need time to regulate the heat that has built up in his body. Therefore, make sure that you provide those breaks.

  • Wipe cold water around your Pit Bull’s stomach on hot summer days. This will help their body cool down quickly.
  • Frozen treats are also a great idea!
  • Limit exercising to more cooler times of the day such as early mornings and evenings.
  • Most importantly, make sure that you provide your Pit Bull with access to clean, cold water throughout the day.

Quick Actions are Needed!

If you suspect that your Pit Bull is having a heat stroke, make sure that you do the following until you rush him to the vet.

  • Firstly, move the dog to an area with shade.
  • Run cool water over your Pit Bull’s stomach and groin area. A hose is perfect for this if the situation allows you to. Otherwise, you can use a bottle.
  • Provide air flow using a towel or a shirt to act as a fan.
  • Put your dog in front of an air conditioner if one is available. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home air conditioner or the one in your car.
  • Thoroughly rub alcohol on your Pit Bull’s belly and groin. The evaporating alcohol will help your dog cool down.
  • When transporting an overheated dog to the wet, roll down the windows of the car and put the dog directly in front of the air conditioner.
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