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Police officers save dogs from a car in the hot weather

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Police Tweeted scenes last Monday’s afternoon, of a nearly deadly incident. Several dogs were found locked in a car on the hottest day of the year. The North Yorkshire Police of York City, England, are being hailed as heroes, after police officers saved the dogs.

After breaking the car’s window and opening it, the officers go inside and took the dogs out. After that, they got them to the RSPCA rescue where the dogs received cool showers and medical check-ups.

North Yorkshire Police also explained how the dogs were saved in their tweet.

It reads: “PC1810 and PCSO 3680 have just rescued two dogs from a vehicle where the owners had left them for over half an hour in a car in the blazing hot sun.

“The window was smashed and the owners will be prosecuted by @RSPCAYORK. There is no excuse for this, I am utterly appalled…

“Officers were in that car for thirty seconds and were struggling to breathe so goodness knows what these poor animals were going through.

“DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT CAR ON A SUNNY DAY! How many warnings do you need?”

While the RSPCA is launching an investigation around the incidents, the NYP’s tweet went viral online with a lot of Twitter users applauding their actions.

Source: NYP York City

One Twitter user wrote: “Well done to the officers for rescuing the dogs – our kind of heroes.”

Another added: “Thank you so much for rescuing them. It should be legal for people to break window if child, animal or elderly person is left in a hot car.”

The RSPCA also issued a statement: “We were called to York Hospital car park yesterday afternoon to reports of two dogs left inside a stationary car.

“When we arrived police had already removed two Labradors from the vehicle.

“The dogs were taken to the vets for treatment for heat exhaustion and now remain in RSPCA care.

“An investigation has been launched so we cannot comment any further at this time.”

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