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Life Saving Heroic Pit Bulls – Part II

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Pit Bulls are affectionate and loyal dogs. However, they often get bad publicity due to isolated incidents caused by abuse in the hands of irresponsible owners. If you are a responsible Pit Bull owner who looks after your dog well, you will have a loyal and loving companion for life. The stories of these life saving Pit Bulls prove that point.

If you haven’t read Part I of Life Saving Heroic Pit Bulls, you can find it here.

Rescued Pit Bull Dee Saves Her Rescuer!

Elliot and Erin with their heroic Pit Bull Dee.

Elliot Nerland suffered a sudden heart attack while his wife, Erin Daly was asleep. Dee the Pit Bull came to the rescue as he fell on their couch. Dee quickly got Erin’s attention by jumping on the bed and barking. As a result, Erin got off the bed and came to check if everything was okay.

Thanks to Dee, Erin found her husband Elliot in the living room struggling with his life. She performed CPR and called 911 immediately. Dee’s quick thinking and instincts saved Elliot’s life in the end. Most importantly, Elliot had adopted Dee as a puppy from a rescue organization. It was Dee’s turn to rescue Elliot and she did exactly that!

Ember Who Saved Her Human Brother

This Pit Bull had an immediate attachment to her human brother, Tre as soon as she was adopted by the Daniels family from a rescue organization. They never thought that one day, her love for Tre would save the 10-year-old’s life. One night, Mrs Daniels noticed Ember making an odd sound.

Furthermore, she found it odd to find Ember out of Tre’s bed where she usually sleeps. Ember led Mrs Daniels to the bathroom where she found Tre lying in the bath tub after having a seizure. Tre received medical attention after being rushed to the hospital. Ember refused to leave Tre’s side once he returned home.

Lilly Saved Her Owner by Pulling Him Off the Tracks

Lilly with her thankful Family.

A train engineer noticed something on the tracks one night. When he got closer, he saw that it was a dog trying to

pull someone off the tracks. The engineer applied the brakes, but he couldn’t stop the train in time. The life saving Pit Bull Lilly was hit by the train, although she managed to drag her owner, Christine Spain away from certain death.

Lilly had been rescued by Christine’s son and was given to her in the hope of helping her cope with her alcohol addition. However, on the night of the incident, Spain had passed out on the rail tracks. Above all, Lilly stayed by her owner until help arrived although she had suffered major injuries. Lilly lost one of her legs, but went on to recover. She is a heroic Pit Bull who put her owner’s life ahead of her own.

Dogs Love Us More