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Pitbull’s in Clothing

Dogs Love Us More

Let your pooch enjoy being a fashion-forward four paws fashionista. Ditch the old look and go with a bold new trend in doggy swag. give daisy or duke a look that says – bow wow!


Bow Ties

Yes, Duke will look like the dapper gentleman on your daily walks. Charming and a hint of bond, this is a wonderful bit of swag he is sure to enjoy. Bow Wow!


Flowers for Daisy

Pastel and feminine, your beloved canine will look pretty as a picture with a little bud or two pinned to her hair. Girls just want to have fun, and so does daisy. Woof woof!


Sunglasses for Your Pooch

You can buy stylish sunglasses for your tail wagging BFF or use your own. It may take a little getting used to. Get your camera ready for the super-glam transformation. Bow Wowzer! Who’s the Coolest Kid on The Block!


Doggie Nail Polish

Katy Perry paints her pooch’s nails and so can you. A little pop of pink for your princess! How about matching manicures and pedicure? Everyone should always put their best foot forward. For perfection add an accent nail!



They’re not just for church or weddings. Your handsome guy can look super-trendy with a fun retro vintage classic piece of menswear. Be bold and choose a funky pattern. Bow Wowzer! The kind of swag that makes the girls stop and stare. Woof woof!


Hoody Up Your Bff

It’s cold and chilly and you can both be cozy in matching hoody tops. Going on an early morning canyon run? You’ll look extra zippy and stay warm in your hoody tops. Cappuccinos are optional!


Fairy Wings

Enjoy the carefree spirit of fairy wings. Your pooch will have a ball. Be sure to get the right size. Your swag will be a crowd stopper. Get your smiles ready as the cameras come out. Bow Wow! Dazzle!



Your pooch will look fetching in a bandana. Roll it up thin like a collar and let duke enjoy being a fashion-forward tail wagging gent. A little color brightens the day for everyone. Bow Wow!



Perfect for braving the elements, a snood is even something you could crochet yourself. Miss Daisy will feel snug as a bug in her snood. They’re not only for humans, and your pooch will look fetching. Bow Wow!



Roll over Beethoven. Halloween is not the only time you can dress up your four-footed friend. The Limits Are Your Imagination. Your bf is a superhero all the time. Does Duke have his cape?

Let daisy have her day in the sun, looking glam with a pink pedicure and petunia in her hair. Duke will look old school cool in a bow tie – sunglasses optional. Woof Woof! Who’s that doggy in the window!

Dogs Love Us More