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American Pit Bull Terrier Delivers 21 Puppies

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Last week, on June 15, a dog breeder and a resident of Padmanabhanagar, India, witnessed a sort of a miracle/record mash-up happen before his very eyes. Satish S. has quite a lot of dogs and one of them is Eva – an American pit bull terrier. It’s precisely Eva that stunned her owner by delivering the whopping number of 21 puppies at the same time! This extraordinary feat took the put bill nearly 36 hours at Satish’s residence.

Fortunately – and a second miracle in and of itself – all 21 puppies are alive and healthy. In fact, most of them have already been bought! And how could they not be, with such an amazing story behind them? We’d personally love to buy all of them if we could.

Imagine that family reunion in a couple of years.

Eva – the happy mother. Source: India Times

This is believed to be the biggest canine birthing ever observed and recorded. The previous holder of the title was a dog with 13 puppies – that’s 8 puppies less! How exactly did Eva manage it is beyond us. Another good question is how did she manage to nurse so many puppies? We don’t have enough information on that, but since Satish S. is a dog breeder, he surely did everything to alleviate Eva as much as possible and probably get additional nursing dogs for the 21 pittie pups.

Eva was imported from Australia, together with another pit bull named Gabr in 2017. You can check out a video reporting here, courtesy to We wish her and all her pups all the best and happy lives with their future families.

Dogs Love Us More