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Clipping Your Pit’s Ears: Pros and Cons

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Clipping Your Pit’s Ears: Pros and Cons

There are lots of claimed reason people clip pit’s ears, maybe for the looks or health benefits. There are supposed advantages and disadvantages to cropping the ears, which also is a dangerous procedure in itself.


Cutting your pit’s ears is a procedure that must be done before 12 months of age, preferably before three months of age to have the best experience possible. The dog must be pt under anesthesia, and the wounds take about 10-14 days to heal completely. Some people wrap the ears in a protective cast that keeps the ears in an upright position, so they heal vertical. Others wait until the ears have fully healed before they cast; this is done to keep the ears upright permanently.

Individuals believe that cropping the ears prevents them from getting infected. Although, no proven evidence supports cropping ears for preventive measures.


Clipping your pit’s ears is a dangerous procedure that requires proper care in recovery. Taking care of your pit’s ears once you clip them will create the best scenario for healing properly, though sometimes the procedure can cause an infection; it varies from the dog and how healthy they are. Just because you crop the ears, doesn’t mean they will heal in the upright position. There is no guarantee that the ears will stay upright after the surgery and may flop down even if cast. Clipping your pit’s ears may give the perception that your dog is aggressive to those uneducated about pit bulls and why people decide to crop them. The notorious reason for cropping pit’s ears was done for dog fighting for an advantage against their opponent, which we should all know by now, is illegal.

Clipping your pit’s ears has many pros and cons related to their health and how society looks at your dog. There is no real health benefit to cutting your dog’s ears and deciding what’s best for you and your pet should come before any unfair judgments. Of course, pits have an unfair stigma perceived to be aggressive regardless of cropped ears or not.

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