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Hurricane Safety Tips for Dogs

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Hurricane Safety Tips for Dogs


Hurricane is a monster. It wipes out everything in its path. The worst is that it can cause massive destruction of property and deaths. Since hurricanes are reported almost every year, you should make plans on how to keep your dog safe until the season is over. This is because the dog can be killed by flying objects. Below are some tips on how to prepare your dog for hurricane.

Draft a Plan

There is not much that you can do when the hurricane arrives. You therefore have to prepare in advance. Preparation here means that you have to get everything your dog will need. Getting the supplies is one thing and keeping them in the right place is a different ball game. You must remember where you keep everything because hurricanes usually bring debris and other unwanted objects in your home compound. This saves you from the trouble of wasting time when looking for stuff that you need but can’t find them because you are not sure where you kept them.

Don’t Change Your Plans

You should not amend your plans at all. Once the meteorological department has issued a warning, you have to make a choice. It’s either you relocate or stay where you are. This is because there is no room for hesitation. If you attempt to relocate when the hurricane has already started rolling in, the chances of you and the dog making it to your destination are very narrow.

Carry Dog Emergency Kit

A dog emergency kit comes in handy when you can no longer access the main house. It’s your dog’s survival tool kit when away from the house. In a nutshell, it should come with canned food for both of you, leash, dog mats, litter box, dog’s picture, medicine and his medical records. The picture makes it easier to trace the dog if it gets lost.

Restrain the Dog

If you choose to remain at home until the hurricane is over, you should make sure you restrain the dog with a leash. After all, you don’t want your dog to roam around under such circumstances. On the other hand, restraining the dog makes it easier to find it when the situation requires the both of you to get out of the house. The time you spend searching for your dog, the more you are likely to be injured if not killed.

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