Aggression in Pit Bulls-What You Need to Know

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When it comes to aggression in pit bulls, anyone who has decent level experience with dogs and spends a considerable amount of their time with them will tell you that the majority of information out there on pit bulls is false. Furthermore, while it is easy to blame the anti-pitbull lobbyists on the false representation of the breed, pit bull lovers are also to blame.

Pit bulls and locking jaws

A pit bull lover, in an attempt to show off his dog’s prowess, might claim that pit bulls have locking jaws. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and only solidifies the misconception about aggression in pit bulls. A pit bull’s jaw structure is exactly the same as any other dog breed out there.

In addition, pit bulls have less powerful jaws than both Rottweilers and German shepherds.

On the other hand, it is also a fact that pit bulls have a tendency to latch on whatever they bite and not let go easily. Consequently, this is what causes the myth that pit bulls have locking jaws.

The Media’s part in all of this

Deny this all you like, but the truth is that the media has had a huge role to play in the discrimination against pit bulls. Moreover, any reporter wanting to hit the front page will blame random dog attacks on pit bulls.

Smaller breeds very rarely take the blame for vicious attacks. This is mainly because people consider them too small to be of any threat. Furthermore, the sad thing is that even if a jack Russel bites a person, it is a pit bull that gets the blame.

It is the owner’s fault and not the breed

Instead of becoming one of those individuals that go with whatever information is passed on to them, why not dig a little deeper? You will find that in the majority of the cases involving pit bulls, and any other dog breed for that matter, it is always about the owner’s lack of proper dog handling skills.

But to cut them some slack, sometimes pit bull owners may not know the right way to handle a larger and energetic dog. Moreover, if they did, many of the dog cases reported by the media would cease to exist. That is what we aim to do in this post— educate dog owners on how to tame aggression in pit bulls.

Who to punish—breed or deep?

Part of the misconception about pit bulls is their association with gangsters and criminals. However, before the breed gained popularity, such individuals owned Dobermans, Rottweilers, and even German shepherds. These are large dog breeds capable of causing major damage. Consequently, with the shift to pit bulls, such breeds are no longer considered dangerous.

Pit bull fans are fighting against a lot of breed stereotypes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every pit bull owner to ensure proper training of his or her dog and that the is no aggression in pit bulls.

How to Control Aggression in Pit bulls

  • Regular exercises

Leaving your pit bull chained in the back yard all day builds up a lot of tension. Furthermore, when the dog is finally unchained, he is easily excitable. Learn how to safely tether your pit bull.

While it is cliché, exercising your dog helps expel all that pent up energy, therefore, making them much easier to control.

  • Socializing your pit bull

It is crucial to socialize your dog with people and other dogs as early as possible. Most of the aggression in pit bulls is due to a lack of socialization.

There is a general disagreement on when is the best time to begin socializing your dog. For instance, many people are afraid to do so before all the vaccines are given. However, vets will agree that it is okay to socialize your pup in the period where she is getting her vaccines.

  • Obedience training

Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls have to contend with a lot of racism and hatred from the general public. The last thing you want is to enforce people’s misconceptions about aggression in pit bulls by having a rowdy and disrespectful dog. As soon as you get your pit bull, perform obedience training. Most importantly, your pit bull should be able to respond to commands and hand gestures without hesitation.

When taking your dog on a walk, an obedient pit bull will act as an ambassador for other pit bulls facing discrimination out there. Consequently, most of the cases involving aggression in pit bulls are due to a lack of training. If you do not understand how to train your dog, then it is important to first learn obedience training before getting a pit bull.

  • Make sure your dog is in the best physical condition

You will do this by feeding good, healthy meals and taking her to the vet for regular checkups. While many people may not know this, a hungry dog is more likely to bite. Moreover, a dog with a physical injury or some sort of illness may snap and bite if bothered. However, do not overfeed your dog as this can lead to other health complications.

  • Become the alpha

You may not believe in the whole dominance theory. However, ask yourself, would you disobey someone who you knew would punish you for it? Exactly! It is important that your dog understands you are the leader otherwise they will only do their own thing and be disrespectful.

During your dog training, simple acts such as only feeding your dog if they sit down and let them stay on the floor instead of the couch will manage aggression in pit bulls. Furthermore, it will teach them to wait for your approval before they can act. When you are out on walks, your pit bull will be less likely to be disrespectful.

Final Thoughts

With the right knowledge and information, pit bull owners can help turn around the negative stereotypes about the breed. Therefore, it is important that anyone who is willing to keep an athletic and energetic dog such as a pit bull is equipped with the right skills.

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