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Life Saving Heroic Pit Bulls – Part I

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There are many misconceptions and negativity around Pit Bulls. Above all, negative stories about Pit Bulls get a lot of publicity while hundreds of great stories often go unheard. Contrary to the common belief, Pit Bulls are amazing dogs when trained and looked after well  by responsible owners. Here are some stories where heroic Pit Bulls saved the lives of their owners and family members.

Kilo Took a Bullet to Save his Owner!

One day, a burglar acting as a delivery worker caught Kilo’s owner Justin Becker off-guard. The burglar pulled a gun on Justin when Kilo came to his rescue.

The burglar shot the loyal Pit Bull in the head. Justin rushed Kilo to the vet. Luckily, the bullet had not penetrated Kilo’s skull and his life was saved.

This amazing Pit Bull took a bullet to protect his owner and went on to live!

Baby Who Saved Seven Members of Her Family

This heroic Pit Bull saved the lives of her owners and five of his canine friends from a fire that destroyed their home. The owners, Rhonda and Evelyn Wiesenberger were woken up due to Baby’s jumping and barking. Thanks to that, they managed to escape the smoke and flames just in time.

However, Baby wasn’t done. She ran back to the house and lead five other dogs who were trapped inside to safety! Furthermore, she even dragged one scared puppy outside by grabbing her from the neck. It’s truly amazing how Baby managed to save her entire family.

More Amazing Stories About Heroic Pit Bulls

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This article shares the amazing story of Sasha the Pit Bull puppy who saved the life of a baby from a house fire.

Dogs Love Us More