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My Adult Pit Bull Pees in the House

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Did you recently move? A new dog or baby join the family? Is there some new construction outside of your house? These are all questions you should ask yourself before assuming your pit peeing in the home is for no reason or a more serious health problem. Dogs that have been trained properly and had no prior instances of peeing in the house usually have a recent change in environment. Stress and anxiety are one of the most common reasons for adult dogs spontaneously urinating inside. Eliminating all possible changes in the environment, then looking into a medical explanation for your dog’s new behavior should be taken seriously.

If you added a new puppy to the family or even had a baby, your pit may have a hard time emotionally and will express this with incontinence. Even if the changes are not directly in the home, like heavy construction in the neighborhood can alter your pet’s emotional state. Paying attention to the signs your pit gives you like undesirable behaviors, whining, or chewing they may be trying to communicate their discomfort.

If your pit has had issues before with peeing inside the house, there may be more than just stress affecting them. Taking your pit to the vet for an examination may reveal an underlying issue to symptoms like frequent urination. There are more pressing issues like kidney deficiencies, urinary tract infections, or diabetes that could be happening within your dog and there is no way to know for sure without seeing a professional.

Improper training can lead to your dog frequently using the bathroom inside, so any behavior that has continued without medical reasoning should be expected. Sometimes pits will mark their territory, and this usually happens when they smell another dog’s urination. Correcting these behaviors takes consistency and help from family, friends, and professionals. Pay attention to your dog’s communication signals and carefully process all possible solutions to your dog’s needs.

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