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If Tinkerbelle The Dog and Belle The Dog look familiar, that’s because these two New York Papitese dog influencers (Maltese / Papillon mix) have taken over social media with a swipe of their furry little paws. Just check out their adorably cute dog pics on their Instagram page @TinkerbelleTheDog, which has more than 500k followers. Tinkerbelle has pranced down the runway at New York Fashion Week, besides appearing in fashion magazines and commercials. Belle is following in her pawprints and has appeared in a skit on Saturday Night Live

Dogster caught up with their human, Sam Carrell, and paparazzi’d her with questions about the fab duo. 

Papitese dog influencers dressed for christmas
Tinkerbelle and Belle are full of holiday spirit!

Dogster: Tell us more about these picture-perfect Papitese pups! 

Sam: Tinkerbelle The Dog is a 10-year old, 5-pound fabulous diva. She is sassy, judgmental, loves fashion, and her role model is Anna Wintour. Belle The Dog is a 1-year-old, 4-pound playful pup. Belle loves to play fetch and likes to tease her big sister Tinkerbelle. Belle loves acting and modeling. 

Dogster: How did you all find each other and launch their modeling careers? 

Sam: I adopted Tinkerbelle The Dog from a local shelter at just 9 months. During our daily walks around New York City, an animal talent agent approached me asking if he could represent Tinkerbelle. From there, Tinkerbelle booked her first modeling/acting job at 1 1/2 years old for a Ralph Lauren campaign. Tinkerbelle was featured in all of the high-fashion magazines for the campaign. She is now a successful actor and model, and Tinkerbelle’s resume includes national commercials, national print ads, TV and theater. 

maltese papillon mix dogs wearing leather vests
These Papitese dog influencers have been in national commercials and print ads.

Belle The Dog was gifted to me by one of Tinkerbelle’s social media followers. Since Day One, the two pups became close. Belle instantly followed in Tinkerbelle’s famous footsteps and booked her first commercial at 4 months old! 

Belle got into acting and modeling when Tinkerbelle’s agent requested to sign her up as well. At the age of 1, Belle has been featured in a national commercial, national print ads and SNL! Coined “petfluencers,” Tinkerbelle and Belle have become socialites in their own right by sitting front row at NYFW, attending the hottest premieres and schmoozing with celebrities at entertainment parties. 

Dogster: What do Tinkerbelle and Belle do in their off time as dog influencers? 

Sam: Tinkerbelle’s favorite thing to do, aside from acting, is to sleep. After a full day of playing with her sister, Belle, she loves to sleep near her toys. Tinkerbelle’s favorite humans are Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Ariana Grande. Each of them has met her. Tinkerbelle prefers humans to dogs but has worked extremely well on sets with other animals. Tinkerbelle’s joy is work and travel. She is always excited and happy when she is traveling to different places and lounging around luxurious hotels.  

Belle’s favorite thing to do, aside from acting, is to play. Belle loves to meet other celebrities, but her favorite human is me! Belle’s joy is eating, working and going on amazing travel adventures with Tinkerbelle. 

papitese dog influencers in their pajamas
Tinkerbelle enjoys lounging and naps, while Belle is all about playing!

Dogster: Do Tinkerbelle and Belle have any “superpowers”? 

Sam: Tinkerbelle’s superpower is how she attracts celebrities to come and meet her. She has a personality that people can spot from across the room. Her aura is a magic that is unexplainable and instantly people fall in love with her. 

Belle’s superpower is being able to do the tasks required on-set under one to two takes. This is highly unusual for a young pup, and that is her secret to success.    

Dogster: Any dog training or Papitese grooming secrets you can share with our readers? 

Sam: Both pups get groomed every three weeks. The secret to them looking beautiful and fluffy is to take baths in between their grooming sessions. This keeps them looking clean just in case of any emergencies. 

Tinkerbelle and Belle are not professionally trained, but if you met them you would think otherwise. The secret is how well the pups and I communicate with each other. They do whatever I ask of them, and it’s a very special bond. I’ve taught them to play dead, roll over, bark on cue, sit, stay, lay down, sleep and more. I’ve also taught them how to sit on the red carpets and take photos for the photographers. 

dog influencers at thanksigiving day parade
Tinkerbelle and Belle at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Dogster: What’s still left on their bucket list? 

Sam: Being the star of their own TV series, walking in Paris Fashion Week and traveling to more countries together like Spain and Greece. 

Dogster: Do you and the pups have a mission? 

Sam: Tinkerbelle and Belle’s daily mission is to make people happy. Through their social media platforms, they try to provide content that will bring a smile to people’s faces. It is so rewarding for me to read amazing comments and positive messages they get from fans on how the pups are the highlight of their day. 

Their long-term goal is to become internationally known pups. They want to continue acting, modeling and meeting amazing people along the way. They eventually want to open up a rescue foundation in their name so other people can help and adopt pets from around the world. 

papitese dog infleuncers tinkerbelle and belle

Want more of Tinkerbelle The Dog and Belle The Dog? Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @TinkerbelleTheDog and on TikTok and Twitter @TinkerbelleADog, plus the website — Melissa 


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