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Part of the Pack: Ways of Knowing Your Dog Trusts You

Part of the Pack: Ways of Knowing Your Dog Trusts You
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From time to time, every dog owner eventually asks themself whether their dog trusts them. Do they have a perfect bond? Our furry friends can’t speak, but they can tell us how they feel and how deep the bond truly is through their body language. The many ways to know your dog trusts you range from their typical sleep positions to how they play with you.

Sign One: Body Language

When you get home after a long day at work, is your pup jumping all over, saying “yippee” in doggy-lingo? If your pup’s thrilled to see you, then your bond is authentic. And other body language signs also say this. For instance:

  • Dogs that lay belly up feel relaxed.
  • Tail wagging side to side is a great sign.
  • A bow means “let’s play!”

Decipher what your pup’s saying to you so you can send the right message back and continue improving your bond! 

Sign Two: Sleep Patterns

By learning how to interpret your dog’s sleep position, you find another way to know your dog trusts you. Like people, dogs sleep in all sorts of ways. Some pooches sleep on their sides, others on their bellies, and some sleep sprawled out. But if your dog sleeps best on their back or cuddled close to you, then they know they’re always safe with you.

Sign Three: Eye Contact

Do you and your furry friend look at one another with a longing gaze filled with love and admiration? Canine experts say when dogs make eye contact with their owners, they trust them. And this doesn’t seem too far-fetched because people are the same way! Many of us avoid eye contact when we’re uncomfortable.

Even more interestingly, as we lock eyes with our pup, both parties experience elevated levels of oxytocin. This hormone helps us bond and experience feelings of love. Maybe that’s the reason for such a longing stare.

Sign Four: You’re the Guide

Just like a child looks to their parents for guidance and support, a furry baby does the same. So, when your pup’s checking out a new environment, they may look to you for reassurance. Some canines are timid and don’t love a change in pace, but if you’re by their side, they recognize everything is okay!

Another way to spot this sign is if your dog glances at you during walks. Our pooches do this because they want to make sure we still approve of what they’re doing. After all, you’re the alpha of this pack, and a bond with you is a big deal!

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