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How I Use CBD Oil Effectively with Each of My Dogs

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I love CBD oil and use it daily with my dogs. When CBD oil first hit the market, I mostly saw treats and although I was hopeful that they would alleviate my dogs’ anxiety and arthritis symptoms – they were just treats. I feel the same about CBD oil treats on the market today. The dogs love them, but I don’t think they can take the place of CBD oil tinctures.

So, I have a bottles and bottles of CBD oil and I usually stick with three brands:

I’ve always found CBD oil to be frustrating because I didn’t understand how much to give my dogs and I quickly learned that not all brands are effective with all dogs. It sucks to spend $100 on a bottle of CBD oil only to have it not work, no matter how much I give my dog.

That was the past and today I’m happy to share that I have a lot more confidence in CBD oil because I found three products by brands that are 100% focused on animals, which is a huge difference.

Why I Give My Dogs CBD Oil

Whenever I start reading up on CBD oil, I quickly get overwhelmed by all of it. But I keep reading until something clicks. As I understand it, the endocannabinoid system is like the body’s switchboard operator – the system keeps the body in balance (homeostasis) by regulating the immune system response, communication between cells, metabolism, cognitive health, and so on.

When things are out of whack, that’s when we see health issues cropping up. That being said, this is why I give CBD oil to my dogs…

  • arthritis pain relief
  • brain health for aging dogs
  • gut health
  • anxiety relief
  • cancer prevention, cancer cell apoptosis
  • boost the immune system
  • correct deficiencies in the endocannabinoid system

Basically, I give my dogs CBD oil to keep them healthy and comfortable.

How I Give My Dogs CBD Oil

I was initially drawn to CBD oil as a natural supplement to help my dogs with anxiety, alleviate pain, and to possibly protect my dogs from cancer. What I learned recently is that giving CBD oil to my dogs when they are anxious, when they are in pain, and when they have cancer doesn’t work as effectively as if I give them CBD oil regularly, adding more on days when they need more support.

Similar to milk thistle, I believe that CBD oil is more effective when it’s already in the system. And to treat serious health issues, I need to spread out the doses through out the day. Therefore, this is how I give my dogs CBD oil…

Canna-Pet CBD Oil for Dogs

I order the Canna-Pet Advanced CBD oil capsules and I add one capsule to everyone’s meals twice daily. My veterinarian clued me into Canna-Pet when Apollo joined our family. Apollo arrived with a playful personality, zero training, and a big case of separation anxiety and Canna-Pet helped. My goal is to always have CBD oil working in my dogs’ system for several hours a day.

I’ve been told repeatedly that CBD oil added to food or CBD treats aren’t nearly as effective as giving dogs CBD oil orally. Having lived through two cancer diagnosis, my goal is to keep CBD oil in my dogs’ system and Canna-Pet allows me to do this so that I’m not worried if I forget to give them oil.

Canna-Pet CBD Biscuits for Dogs

I also order CBD biscuits as a treat. The CBD Treats are great for when we’re surprised by a stressful event (storm, random fireworks, roadwork nearby) that will upset the dogs. I also like to give each dog one CBD biscuit before bedtime a few nights a week.

I do prefer the CBD oil over the treats because the oil works faster and my dogs get the full benefits. When CBD oil is in food, we lose some of the effectiveness as it traverses the digestive tract.

CBD Oil by CBD Dog Health

CBD Dog Health offers several recipes and I ordered Heal, Calm, and Ease to try my dogs and I’m very impressed.

CBD Dog Health: HEAL

I ordered the HEAL for Scout to help with his lymphoma. I put a dropper full in the palm of my hand for him to lick. Anything remaining is massaged into his ears. I’ve learned that the best way to get CBD oil in the system is through the gums. The second best is through the ears (massaging into the ears, not down the ear canal).

CBD Dog Health: CALM

I ordered CALM for Rodrigo and Zoey to help with anxiety. Rodrigo LOVES it and he starts licking the palm of my hand before I can fill the CBD oil dropper; he gets CALM twice daily. Zoey’s not a fan of the taste or smell (CBD Dog Health uses essential oils). That’s okay, there are other options.

The best thing about CALM is that it works immediately. I was stunned. A few weeks ago, I was watching television when the sky shook with the sound of thunder. We must have missed the forecast for storms and while J was asking if “was that th…?” I was reaching for the CALM and Rodrigo was salivating like he knew this would work.

15 minutes later he was asleep next to me. Not panting, not pacing. Knocked out.

CBD Dog Health: EASE

I ordered Ease for Rodrigo because of his aging joints. He loves this one too and I alternate between EASE and CALM. To be honest, I could just put him on HEAL and he’ll benefit as well. I’ll make a decision on which direction to go after we finish our first set of products.

CBD Salmon Treats for Dogs

A couple of months ago, I began ordering the treats offered by CBD Dog Health for Scout. We still need to wait in the parking lot here while my dog goes in the clinic without me – and Scout is freaking out. We know have a system where he gets treats on his way in the clinic. I give his vet tech a bag of treats (CBD Dog Health and Real Dog Box) while he’s in the clinic. These treats have made each visit a little easier on him.

I’m still a wreck in the car waiting for him.


I was introduced to KING KALM a couple of years ago and I love that each box includes an oral syringe and clear dosing instructions. KING KALM is my back up CBD oil when I run out of CBD Dog Health for Rodrigo and Scout. KING KALM is the main CBD oil for Zoey and Apollo. I give it to them several days a week, at the end of the day, since they’re both so very healthy.

Unlike the other oils, I use the oral syringe that comes with their products. Each dog gets 1/2 of a syringe as a dose and they’ll open their mouth for their CBD oil.

How Much CBD Oil Do I Give to My Dogs?

When it comes to the proper dosage of CBD oil for each dog, I start with the recommended dosage and adjust based on each of my dogs’ needs. At this time, Rodrigo and Scout are getting more CBD oil because they get a dosage two to three times daily.

The beauty of Canna-Pet, CBD Dog Health, and KING KANINE is amount of useful articles they have on their website and their customer service. If you have questions about how to use their products with your dog, they can guide you.

Is it Necessary to Use Different CBD Oils for Dogs?

But, Kimberly, why do you need two different oils for your dogs?

Have you seen how much CBD oil costs? Yeah, it’s expensive. So this is why I this is why I need multiple options that all work for my dogs. That way if I run out of one, I have two others within reach. Of course, this isn’t a rule. This is what is working for my dogs after years of trying many of the recommended CBD oils that are on the market today.

How to Afford CBD oil for Dogs

We all know that CBD oil is an investment. It’s tempting to save some money and choose the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for and this is why I stock up on my preferred CBD oils when they’re on sale. I watch for sales around holidays (Memorial Day sales are happening now) and I save up funds to stock up on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

This weekend, I’ll be ordering products from all three brands to make sure that my dogs are covered for the Fourth of July and through the summer.

My CBD Oil Shopping List

If my budget can swing it, this is what I plan to order this weekend.

There are many brands on the market and, sadly, not all work the same with every dog. If you’re looking for a brand, I can’t recommend the three I mentioned here enough. I haven’t been disappointed. Place an order soon so that you can start preparing your dog for the Fourth of July.

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