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Clever House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

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Muddy paws, constant shedding, unforeseen accidents are common sights when there’s a dog in the home, and all dog owners know the struggle of keeping a clean house. Cleaning up after your dog can feel like a never-ending process. As much as we love them, dogs can contribute to allergies. So, it’s always essential to maintain a clean environment. The key isn’t to clean harder but to clean smarter. Thinking outside the box will make taking care of messes easier.

Here are some clever house cleaning tips for dog owners.

Latex Gloves

Owning a dog can result in fur on every conceivable surface. Lint rollers are a mainstay in every pet owner’s house, but latex gloves can remove hair with a swipe of the hand. Remove hair from your sofa or car interior by rubbing them down while wearing the gloves. Rinse off with water to reuse them again.

Foam Shaving Cream

There are many pet stain removers on the market. But the most effective solution is in your shaving kit. Shaving cream can remove pet stains from your carpet (the foaming kind, not the gel). Spray the foam over the stain, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and wipe the stain away.

Cooking Spray

Dried dog saliva might be one of the strongest adhesives known to humankind. Scrubbing dried dog food off of food bowls is a chore we’d all like to skip. Keep your dog bowls free from bits of stuck-on food with cooking spray.

Outdoor Rugs & Throw Pillows

Incorporating outdoor textiles indoors is another solution for keeping your home clean. Outdoor rugs and throw pillows are water-resistant, allowing them to withstand muddy paws and accidents more than less durable indoor fabrics.

Dark Paint

One of the most clever house cleaning tips for dog owners is more about hiding than cleaning. Nothing shows marks and stains more than light colors. Consider painting cupboards and baseboards a dark color. Darker colors will hide nose prints and drool better. Be sure to choose a satin finish as opposed to matte to make wiping off marks a breeze.

Skewered Wipes

Digging dirt and debris out of cracks and corners is yet another challenge for dog owners. Wrap a baby or Lysol wipe around a wooden skewer to reach those difficult spots in your home.

With these brilliant strategies, you can clean faster and easier, allowing you to spend more time at the dog park!

Dogs Love Us More

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