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Ways To Help Your Dog Adjust To Your Return To the Office

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Whether your full return to the office is just around the corner or a few months away, the transition won’t be easy for your puppy to handle on its own. Your dog has gotten used to you being around all day, every day for the past year—especially if you adopted them during quarantine.

These work-from-home companions may suffer worse from separation anxiety than a dog adopted during normal circumstances and will require your patience during the transition. Prepare yourself with these ways to help your dog adjust to your return to the office and assist them with the tough transition.

Make Time for Your Dog at the Beginning of the Day

While it may be tempting to stay in bed until your final alarm rings, you can’t afford those types of small luxuries as a dog owner. Part of your daily responsibilities includes spending time with your dog and wearing them out before you leave for work. Take your pup out for a nice walk, play with them, and leave behind a toy that stimulates their mind while you’re away. By wearing them out right after you wake up, you’ll create a regular routine that helps your dog get plenty of rest while you’re away.

Consider Leaving Your Dog at Daycare

Just like how you might leave a child at daycare when you’re away at work, you can leave your dog at a doggy daycare to give them the attention they crave while you’re gone. This way, you know that your dog will be safe under the watchful eye of careful guardians and won’t be getting into trouble at home. Daycare gives your dog a wonderful way to make friends and socialize. When you pick them up from daycare, they’ll be more relaxed and just as excited to be home as you are.

Keep Your Dog Safe in a Crate

Some dogs prefer to be in a crate rather than out and about in your home. It may seem like a long time for you to hole them up in their crate, but the safety of an enclosed space can help them relax as you spend time at the office.

After you’ve spent the whole morning playing together, the crate gives them a space to wind down without feeling anxious while you’re away. Practice having crate time before you’re scheduled to go into the office to make sure your dog can handle staying in the cage for hours at a time. When you do leave, be sure to put something in your dog’s crate that smells like you to comfort them.

With dogs, practice makes perfect—especially with something as shocking as your return to the office. Stay empathetic as you consider the ways to help your dog adjust to your return to the office and think about how you’d feel if your person suddenly left for a majority of the day without warning.

Dogs Love Us More

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