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Healthy Food for Pit Bulls

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Pit bulls might not enjoy the best reputation when we talk about pet canines. That said, if you provide a loving environment and focus on comfort, you will have a great experience with this unique breed. A key component of this process is feeding your pet properly.

Of course, you can go for the convenient option of formula food available off the shelf. However, you have to be careful about the nutrition your dog receives. This reason is why you need to do some research about pit bulls’ nutritional needs and what they can and cannot eat.

Does this sound like too much work? Do not worry, as here we will provide a brief guide on healthy food for pit bulls.

Basic Nutrition

Let’s start by looking at the basic nutritional requirements for canines. The ideal meal should comprise of 18% protein if you have an adult dog. The requirement is higher for puppies and pregnant dogs. Next up is fat, which should make up 5% of your dog’s diet. These nutrients hold the key to healthy growth of your dog, and therefore, you should be extra careful about these when preparing your pet’s food.

Keep in mind that commercial pet food adheres to these nutritional standards, but that is an easy way out. Instead, you should prepare food at home for your pit bull. More importantly, you need to familiarize yourself with certain nutritional requirements that are particular to pit bulls.

In general, pit bulls have a high prey drive. As a result, they need food that provides energy that they can expend throughout the day. As mentioned, protein is an important part of the ideal diet for dogs, and more so for this breed. Moreover, pit bulls are also susceptible to skin issues, and thus, you have to provide them ample fatty acids as part of their diet.

Should You Feed Raw Food to Your Pit Bull?

Before moving on to the recipes, we need to answer an important question: should you feed your pit bull raw or cooked food? There are several reasons why raw food is the ideal choice, including

  • Your dog will have a shinier coat and healthier skin
  • You can ensure better bowel movements for your pet canine
  • Your pit bull will have clean teeth

However, at the same time, you have to be wary of dietary imbalances caused by the absence of cooked food from your pet’s diet. Also, you have to be extremely careful and cautious when preparing the food, or else your pit bull will not get the required nutrition.

Best Healthy Food Recipes for Pit Bulls

Turkey and Veggies

Let’s start off with a classic option: giving your pet pooch veggies and turkey for dinner. This recipe is not just easy to prepare but incredibly healthy, which is of particular importance if you want your dog to shed a few pounds.


  1. Ground Turkey (1lb)
  2. Fish Oil (1 tbsp)
  3. Brown Rice (2 cups)
  4. Chopped Green Beans (1 cup)
  5. Water (4 cups)
  6. Chopped Carrots (1 cup)


  • Place a non-stick skillet on medium heat. Place the turkey in it and let it cook through
  • Combine the water, cooked turkey, and brown rice in a large pot. Place on heat and bring to a boil. Once boiled, bring the heat down to medium-low and let it cook for around 15 minutes, so that the rice becomes soft
  • Add the veggies and cook till they are tender

Let the dish cool before you serve it to your pit bull.

Max Beef

Beef remains the foremost source of protein for pit bulls. If you want your pet to get a daily dose of exercise, you also have to provide the fuel and no recipe works better in that regard than this one. For this one, beef is the main ingredient, but you can also add veggies and even eggs to boost the nutritional value.


  1. Ground Beef (1lb)
  2. Beef Kidney


  • Start by chopping up the kidney into small pieces
  • Mix the kidney with the ground beef
  • Chop carrots and lettuce, or any other veggies that you prefer, and cook them without using oil or water
  • Let the veggies cool down and mix with the beef

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

This meal can turn out so scrumptious that you might want to dig in yourself. Yet, this chicken dinner recipe is perfect for pit bulls. And it makes perfect sense to have a chicken recipe for your pit bull, having offered one option each for turkey and beef. This recipe is easy to whip up, and you can be flexible with the ingredients. You can go for spinach and even add apples.


  1. Apples (2)
  2. Chicken (5 lbs)
  3. Eggs (5)
  4. Red Cabbage (2 cups)
  5. Spinach (2 cups)
  6. Olive Oil (2 tbsp)

Bonus Tip

You have to be a little careful when preparing this recipe, as the ingredients can cause digestive issues for your pit bull if you do not prepare them properly. For example, you have to remove the skin from the apples and chop them up into small pieces, the way you would chop carrots to include in any dish, and also remove the seeds and core. Also, when it comes to chicken, boneless is the best option, or else you will have to remove the bones.


  • As mentioned, remove bones from the chicken and chop up the meat into small pieces
  • Place a large pot over heat and boil the chicken
  • Toss the apples, spinach, and cabbage in the pot, while reducing the heat
  • Wait for the chicken to cook fully and for the vegetables to wilt
  • Remove the pot from the heat and leave it cool before stirring in the oil and eggs

Your delicious chicken dinner is ready to serve!


So, there you have it, a basic guide to preparing healthy food for your pit bull without hassle. Try these recipes. Your pet pooch will surely love ‘em!

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