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How to exercise your dog indoors?

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Whether it’s during the winter when it’s too cold outside or during the summer when it’s too hot, sometimes you can’t give your dog the outdoor exercise he needs. Ideally, in the summer you’d go out early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cool outside. But sometimes you just need to exercise your dog indoors.

So, how would one go about that? Here are a few ideas:

  • Run up and down the stairs. If your home has big flights of stairs, this is a great exercise for most dogs. Just remember that it can be hard on your dog’s joints if he’s old or prone to joint pain.
  • Play hide & seek. Just like little kids, dogs can easily be taught how to play hide and seek and they love it. They are better at it than kids, because they are, well – dogs. But they love it nonetheless.
  • Play treasure hunts. You can exercise both your dog’s body and nose by hiding toys and treats around the house and training him to seek them out.
  • Set up an obstacle course. With a big enough living room, a table and several chairs you can create a cool obstacle course for a small dog.
  • Fetch in a long corridor. Also for smaller dogs, if you have a long corridor or living room, you can easily play fetch indoors.
  • Teach your pup to use the treadmill. Dogs can easily be taught to enjoy treadmills with the right training.
  • Take a car ride to a friend’s house or to a local pet center.
  • Training is a great option for indoors exercise. Whether it’s for obedience, tricks or skills, simply by being exciting, training can stimulate your dog’s body.
  • Give your dog mind puzzles. Such puzzles can come in the form of both toys and feeding cups. Both types can cause your dog to jump around in excitement and effort.
  • Indoor swimming is also an option of your dog is small enough for the bathtub.
  • Check out some canine conditioning classes online. If you’re looking into how to exercise your dog indoors, check out
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    classes such as E-training for dogs, FitPAWS, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and others.

  • Find your dog a job. Now, we don’t mean an actual job, but if you’ve gone through obedience training with your dog, you can teach him to do things. Gather clothes from the floor, fetch you things from the kitchen, tidy up his toys so you can vacuum, etc. He won’t be able to vacuum himself, unfortunately, but tidying up his toys is still at least some indoors activity.
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