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Flying with an Emotional Support Animal

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Know the ACAA

You can fly hassle-free with your animal — without charge — so long as you qualify and have obtained an emotional support animal letter from a licensed mental health professional.

The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination against passengers with disabilities. Airlines are required to accommodate passenger needs. If you need your animal to help relieve psychological symptoms associated with your disability, traveling with your animal is as simple as obtaining an emotional support animal letter.

The letter will explain that your animal is a part of your treatment plan and needs to accompany you to provide relief from your symptoms.

You can also utilize an emotional support animal vest or patch and a photo ID of your animal; however, all that is legally required is the letter from your medical or mental health professional.

Although having a vest or photo ID is not required, it can sometimes make a passenger feel more comfortable in that they do not have to identify the purpose of their animal.

We know traveling can be stressful, but provided you have the correct documentation, it can be easy and fun again knowing you have the support you need.

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republished with permission from our friends at CertaPet

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