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Rescue dog found a missing dog stuck in mud

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TIno, the rescue dog, scores another “point” for rescue dogs everywhere by becoming this week’s canine hero. Over the weekend, Tino helped another dog that was caught in a sticky situation in Washington state. The rescue dog found a missing dog stuck in mud off a trail.

Puppy, as the unfortunate pooch is named, had vanished for two days while on a trail ride.

Puppy was with his owner Karen James, but he got lost. According to reports, in their distress, Puppy’s owners turned to the Useless Bay Sanctuary.

We help dogs that other people may have trouble capturing,” the Sanctuary states on its website. “Our mission is to help those stray dogs that may not fit with the tools and resources of traditional animal shelters and rescues.”

With Tino’s help, the Puppy’s owners and the folks from the Sanctuary “located Puppy less than a mile from his home trapped in a dense, mud-filled gully.”


Source: Daily Mail

“He could not have gotten out of the mud,” James says.

We would not have seen him because he was far enough off the trail.”

She also added, “And you know there’s miles and miles, acres and acres of wilderness out there to search. We just never would have found him.”

At the end of the day, Puppy had spent around 40 hours in the mud, unable to get out. If it wasn’t for the rescue dog Tino, Puppy would have still been there and this story would have had a much more tragic ending. But it isn’t every day we hear how a rescue dog found a missing dog out in the middle of nothing.

Dogs Love Us More