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Great Dane is rescued by mountain bikers

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Jarrett Little is a mountain biker that was riding with a group of fellow bikers in Columbus, Ga. That’s when he spotted an unusual sight – a wounded Great Dane puppy by the side of the mountain road. It isn’t every day that a Great Dane is rescued by mountain bikers, but that’s what happened to this pup. The puppy approached the group even though he was wounded, and quickly got the cyclists’ attention.

“At first, I thought it was a fox,” said cyclist Chris Dixon to the Ledger-Enquirer. “Then this dog started running across the road toward us. He looked terrible.” The cyclist continued, “He was hungry. He was in bad shape, but he seemed happy to see us.”

“[He] had a lot of road rash and a broken leg,” Jarrett Little said in front of CBS News.

The cyclists gave the dog food and water as he was obviously starving. After that, they loaded him up on Little’s back. Set up like that they started a 7-mile bike journey back to town.

“Right when we returned to my local bike shop to get him some more water and food, we instantly ran into Mrs. Andrea who was in town from Maine,” Little said to Ledger-Enquirer.

Andrea Shaw is a Maine resident but she was in Columbus on business.

“She walked by the instant we pulled up,” Little said. “Had I been 5 minutes later or 5 minutes earlier they might now have crossed paths.”

Shaw said that the puppy walked up to her, she hugged him, and he bled on her shirt. This is when she immediately took the decision to adopt him.

Shaw called her husband and said, “I’m saving this dog — he’s bleeding and broken and I’m not leaving him.” Her husband, Joel, simply replied, “OK. Is your hotel pet-friendly?”

Bo, riding to safety.
Source: Andrea Shaw

Shaw, who is a corporate attorney, paid for the leg surgery of the dog and found Grateful Doggies. This is an organization that transports rescue dogs across the East Coast and they helped transport the Great Dane pup to Maine.

According to Little, meeting Shaw like that was nothing short of serendipitous.

“He saw her and he knew,” Little said. “He ran right up to her. This is where I am supposed to be going. It stopped her in her tracks. She was like, ‘He is broken and bleeding, and I have to keep him.’”

Currently, the rescued puppy is living in Maine, together with two other rescue dogs, a lot of horses, and a loving family.

“We named him Columbo, for obvious reasons,” Shaw said. “We’re going to call him Bo.”

Shaw also created a Facebook page for Bo, called The Adventures of Columbo. There, the cute Great Dane is quickly becoming viral.

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