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Rescued Desi Indian dogs find forever homes overseas

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More and more citizens of Delhi, India, are focusing on adopting dogs, rather than buying them. While there is still a majority of people in India that tries to buy expensive dog breeds, there’s a rising amount of people who start to choose adoption. A popular breed choice for adoption seems to be the Desi dogs. What’s more, rescued Desi Indian dogs find forever homes overseas as well.

Multiple different dog shelters and NGOs (Non-government and non-profit organizations) are helping with canine rehoming services internationally. With the help of these organizations, more and more rescue dogs are finding their forever homes in India and abroad.

Various shelters and NGOs provide rehoming services internationally.

They help these dogs in finding a forever home, here and abroad. One such collective is Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW), which is an animal welfare project of the Kannan foundation. They have a small care center in Noida, India. The center houses around 80-90 dogs at a time.

Relocating rescued dogs is a complicated matter, but here’s how Vandana Anchalia, the founder of Kannan explains it:

There’s great demand for adoption of desi dogs and other breeds abroad, and we tie up with rehoming partners to help us get these dogs to their new homes. Some of these partners include Operation Paws for Homes, Rescue Without Borders, TLC Canine Rescue, Street Dog Hero, Indian Street Dog Foundation, United Doberman Rescue of Minnesota, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue and Adopt An Indian Desi Dog (AAIDD).

Why we don’t do anything directly is because there’s always risks that in case the pet parents decide to abandon the dogs or just not keep them anymore, they may or may not contact me directly.

I’m not a legal entity in US or Canada (or any other place for that matter), and these rehoming partners help us with drawing up the contracts and whatever other paperwork is required in making the move,”

Lucky the dog, before and after.
Source: Hindustan Times

Anchalia also adds:

In the off chance that one of our child is in danger or is going to be abandoned, or can’t be kept by the parents anymore, they can always be brought back to us. We’ve sent about 48 dogs till now, and none of them have been returned to us; plus I get regular updates about them, too.”

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