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Why should one adopt an English Mastiff?

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The English Mastiff is a popular guard dog mainly because of its muscular body and huge size. It has a large broad skull which makes its face square in appearance. The English Mastiff is considered to be one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, with the males weighing between 160 to 245 pounds and the females weighing between 140 to 190 pounds.

Below mentioned are the top four reasons why you should adopt and get home an English Mastiff:

  • A beautiful breed:

An English Mastiff has a short coat. Regardless of the coat color, it generally has a black mask surrounding the nose and eyes. The English Mastiff has small, dark and hazel coloured eyes while the ears are also dark coloured.

  • Impressive guard dogs:

English Mastiff does not require any special training to guard your family or house as it is born with protective instincts. These dogs generally become defensive when a stranger comes in front of them and place themselves immediately between their masters and the stranger. However, once you allow the stranger to enter the house, it will back down from its defensive stance.

  • Great companions:

These dogs are good-natured, patient and calm even if they may look scary due to their impressive size and muscular physique. They are extremely loyal to their masters and families, which can be seen by the way they try to please their human family.

  • Great with kids:

English Mastiff is a gentle dog. They look after human kids like puppies, so they treat children very gently. However, you should keep these dogs away from toddlers as the English Mastiff is now aware of its huge size and may accidentally hurt a toddler while playing.

So if you are looking for a gentle, intelligent, and loyal and a beautiful dog, then the English Mastiff would be a great dog to adopt.

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