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Traits of the lesser known Borzoi Breed

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The Borzoi breed houses a tall and lean body with a long and narrow head that comes with a silky coat. Borzoi represents refinement and elegance at its best. Borzoi breed is famous for its speed that comes with a personality that is laidback. They normally prefer to go for quick long-distance pacing activities and then are back to relaxing on the sofa.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts about the Borzoi breed.

  • Borzoi is known to be the best variety of sight-hounds that will effectively chase everything that might look like its moving. If you live in an area that might be dangerous for your pooch, make sure you refrain from allowing him to run here and there.
  • Borzoi is sensitive to certain drugs which include anaesthetics as they lack fat inside their body. Make sure you let your vet know about this and tell him to refrain from the use of Rompun (Xylazine) for the dog. Try not to let them move around in the lawns that have been treated by insecticides, fertilizers or herbicides recently.
  • Borzoi tends to bloat easily. So make sure you feed them small meals in a frequent pattern rather than one big meal. Also, keep in mind that heavy exercise just after eating is a big no for a Borzoi.
  • Borzoi can bark without any reason and lack guarding instincts. They aren’t reliable as watchdogs.
  • They can easily live in harmony with the felines if taught the same from an early age. The process gets simpler if they share a house since childhood. Make sure you look over when they play outside as Borzoi tends to keep calm inside the house, but chances are he/she might chase the cat when outside the house in lawn or road.
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